Rock’n for Warriors


Like country artists many rock bands have participated in USO tours or other events for our troops and veterans. Some of those listed here have done just that while others are showing their support by participating with us.


Rowdy, Boston-based punk band that combines traditional Irish music, British Oi!, and American hardcore. This hardcore punk/celtic group was formed in South Boston in 1995 by bassist Ken Casey, vocalist Mike McColgan and guitarist Rick Barton . Always playing intense and lively gigs with high energy vocals, guitars, drums, bagpipes, accordion and mandolin. Their most recent album, Signed and Sealed in Blood is their eight studio album.


Epic in sound and kaleidoscopic in vision the eclectic Martha's Vineyard based band has been thrilling critics and fans alike since its inception. Founded by drummer Tom Majors in 1993, Entrain has recorded eight studio albums, available on Dolphin Safe Records. All have been praised for their ability to shift effortlessly between musical styles- from rock, blues, calypso and ska, to zydeco, jazz and funk. "The whole Entrain concept is based around the drums and infectious rhythms.
Once we got that going....anything goes, everything goes", says Majors.


This brooding, yet jangly-melodic indie rock trio were one of the sturdiest of college scene of the 1980s & '90s. Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Bill Janovitz, bassist/vocalist Chris Colbourn, and drummer Tom Maginnis this Boston based band released their first album in 1989. Through the years their driving rock and gorgeous ballads have become alternative radio staples. Their most recent album Skins, the bands eight studio album, was produced through their own Scrawny Records label.

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