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Through the course of developing this project we came across so many organizations offering various assistance to veterans and their families. We wanted to create a section in our web site that would list them all in one place. We continue to search for more, but for those organizations we’ve missed, please let us know by emailing to: resources@elephantgrass.us

In This Section:
  • Financial and Other Assistance for Injured Service Members
  • Athletic Programs and Rehabilitative Athletic Programs
  • Educational Grants for Children of Fallen Service Members
  • Honoring Fallen Warriors
  • Transitional Housing and Supportive Services for
      Homeless Veterans
  • Pro Teams Connecting with Service Members and Veterans
  • Outdoor Adventures and Sports
  • Veterans--- Become Political Leaders
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    Financial and Other Assistance for Injured Service Members

    Yellow Ribbon Fund
    Since 2005, the Yellow Ribbon Fund has been listening to what injured service members and their families say they need, and filling in the gaps. While they’re recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital, YRF provides free rental cars, taxi rides, hotel stays, and apartments for visiting family members; family-oriented activities and stress-relieving massages for family caregivers; and for their injured loved ones, more than 100 social events and outings yearly, free tickets to sporting and cultural events, and career and education mentoring. Even after they return home, YRF’s nationwide network of volunteers continue to provide practical support. www.YellowRibbonFund.org

    About Semper Fi Fund and America’s Fund  
    Semper Fi Fund, and its program America's Fund, are set up to provide immediate financial assistance and lifetime support for wounded, critically ill and injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families, directing urgently needed resources to post 9/11 service members of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Reserves. Semper Fi Fund has been working with wounded service members since 2004, offering assistance to lessen the burden for those who need it most. The Semper Fi Fund's streamlined structure keeps overhead very low, 6%; they are also one of three veteran charities to receive an "A+" rating from CharityWatch and a "Four Star" rating from Charity Navigator.

    As of June 2014 the Semper Fi Fund has given more than 73,000 grants totaling $92 million+ to over 11,800 service members and their families.

    Operation First Response  
    The mission of Operation First Response, Inc (OFR) is to serve all branches of our nation's Wounded Heroes/Disabled Veterans and their families with personal and financial needs. Services are provided from the onset of injuries or illness, throughout their recovery period and along their journey from military life to the civilian world. Financial aid varies as each case is based on individual needs ranging from rent, utilities, vehicle payments, groceries, clothing, and travel expenses.  www.OperationFirstResponse.org

    Athletic Programs and Rehabilitative Athletic Programs

    About The Peter Murphy Semper Fi Fund Sports Program – Team Semper Fi & Team America’s Fund  
    Made up of more than 700 service members who qualify for our assistance, The Peter Murphy Semper Fi Fund Sports Program – Team Semper Fi & Team America’s Fund is the heart and inspiration of the Semper Fi Fund's rehabilitative Athletic Program, and is an extension of the assistance we provide. The team is made up of servicemen and women who have overcome significant challenges in their service to our country, and have embraced the fighting, athletic spirit on their road to recovery. They are an inspiration to us all, but more importantly, they are an inspiration to their fellow service members who are also recovering.

    The Semper Fi Fund provides the team with coaches, specialized sporting equipment, entry fees, and travel expenses to athletic events. Athletes are also given the opportunity to receive high-level training from Paralympics.  

    Honoring Fallen Heroes

    Mission Statement  
    Tribute To The Troops is an organization of grateful Americans dedicated to preserving the memory of those men and women of our nation’s military who lost their lives while bravely protecting our freedom. It is in their memory that we honor and convey our heartfelt gratitude to family and friends left behind and extend our sincere appreciation to all veterans who have served, whether in war or in peace.

    About Us
    Tribute To The Troops® began in Minnesota in 2004, inspired by a video featuring the song "Home" by country singer Rockie Lynne. The video features pictures of our fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms early on in the War on Terror. With inspiration from the video, a small group of patriotic Minnesotans joined together to visit three families in the Twin Cities area who had lost a loved one during the War On Terror. With the prior permission of each family, over 60 people on 45 motorcycles paraded to each family home to conveying their thanks to family members and to let them know that their loss, and the sacrifice made by their loved one, will never be forgotten. The day was filled with hugs, tears, and warm smiles as each person attending was able to personally acknowledge each family’s loss. That fall day in 2004 marked the beginning of Tribute To The Troops®. The dedication and support of many volunteers and participants over the years has enabled this organization to grow and to continue its important Mission.

    In 2010, Tribute To The Troops® extended beyond Minnesota into Oregon and Illinois, helping groups in those states conduct a similar rides to honor our fallen heroes and their families. Both inaugural rides were a tremendous success and managed to generate greater awareness for the sacrifices made by these heroes and their families, and to cultivate enthusiasm among participants to continue with the very important Mission of this organization. We invite you to join us in Minnesota, Illinois, North Carolina or Oregon. If you are interested in learning more about forming a chapter in your state, please contact us.  
    Tribute To The Troops website: www.TributeToTheTroops.org

    Educational Grants for Children of Fallen Service Members

    Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund  
    The Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund is a charitable trust that seeks to honor Massachusetts fallen Servicemen and Servicewoman, who were killed while deployed on Operation Enduring and Iraqi freedom, by providing educational assistance grants to their children.

    Children qualify if their parent in the military died in either Operations Enduring or Iraqi Freedom and whose death was credited to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There is no selection process. If the child is a son or daughter of a Serviceman or woman, whose service is credited to Massachusetts and gave his/her life in Operation Enduring Freedom or Iraqi Freedom, that child then qualifies for funds. To date, over 100 Servicemembers from Massachusetts have been killed. Of these casualties, 46 were parents who left behind a total of 76 children, ranging from newborns to twenty seven years of age. All of these children are now eligible to receive funding through the MSLF program.

    Impact:  The Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund is in its 10th year of providing education grants to the children of Massachusetts Residents who died while supporting military operations in Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. As we approach this milestone, we look back on the tremendous growth of the MSLF and its generous donors. In 2013, the MSLF received over $75,000 in donations. The Fund now stands at $4.5 Million in gross contributions and pledges. With over 3,000 individual donors and 275 organizations contributing to help the MSLF, we are well on our way to fulfilling the mission we set out to accomplish when we first started the Fund in 2004.   www.MSLFund.org

    Transitional Housing and Supportive Services for Homeless Veterans

    Soldier On  
    Soldier On provides three housing locations: a 165 bed shelter leased from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Leeds, MA; a 71-bed transitional living facility in Pittsfield, MA, and the first of its kind, award winning 39 unit housing cooperative Gordon H. Mansfield Veterans Community in Pittsfield, MA. The treatment program is focused on building social skills, creating an enhanced sense of togetherness and providing motivation for residents to spend their free time serving others instead of themselves. A wide variety of treatment groups range from Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to computer technology and current events. Soldier On employs a full time psychologist who focuses on the chronically mentally ill and veterans with dual diagnosis. Furthermore each veteran is assigned a case manager to assist in attaining necessary services and developing an individual service plan that addresses the veteran’s needs and goals. The Soldier On employment program includes financial awareness classes, specialized service for incarcerated veterans, financial assistance for training and education, resume building, interview preparation and job fairs. We provide our veterans with transportation to and from appointments and services that are not offered where they live. We also provide Outreach Services in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Mississippi.   www.WeSoldierOn.org

    Pro Teams Connecting with Service Members and Veterans

    Redskins Salute  
    Army. Navy. Air Force. Marines. Coast Guard. National Guard. Redskins Salute, the official military appreciation club of the Washington Redskins, was created specifically with current and former service members in mind as a free community to connect, serve and support military members, their families and friends. Redskins Salute is where the Washington Redskins recognize the duty to serve and support those who have courageously fought for our freedom, and an opportunity to thank our military for their continued selfless efforts to serve our country. A first of its kind in the NFL, Redskins Salute is where service members can connect with the team and with each other, sharing Redskins stories, experiences and the shared passion behind an 80+ year tradition with year-round benefits.   
    To learn more about the NFL’s commitment to the military and veterans, visit www.nfl.com/salute

    Outdoor Adventures and Sports

    Hope for Heroes  
    The Hope for Heroes Foundation mission is to empower independence for our nation's disabled heroes. The goal is to provide the disabled hero a place to heal from their injuries, while providing them assistance and expertise to regain the passion for outdoor pursuits. We are able to provide education, empowerment and a sense of healing through their favorite outdoor sport.   

    Veterans--- Become Political Leaders

    New Politics  
    America needs new leaders, a new greatest generation, and a new politics across all levels of government. We believe that transformational leadership in politics matters – that we need leaders who are part of creating something larger than themselves, not just reelection. We believe that now more than ever our nation needs leaders who have served this country through military, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and other significant service programs. We need those who have put everything aside to serve America outside of politics to serve our country as political leaders. These Americans are undaunted by our most pressing problems. They don’t see challenges as walls but as hurdles – not as constraints but as opportunities. In their service they’ve faced down problems where failure wasn’t an option – where they’ve had to either collaborate and succeed or stand divided and fail. Now we need them to bring that type of leadership to our politics, to bring our nation together to solve some of the 21st century’s most complex problems. At New Politics, we can give Americans who have served the tools and guidance to win elections and become the transformational leaders America needs.    www.NewPolitics.org

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