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Through the course of developing this project we came across so many organizations offering a variety of assistance to veterans and their families we decided to create a section for them. We thought that by listing them in their own section it would be beneficial to any veteran or family member seeking services. Many of these organizations are national and some are regional so check their web site before contacting. We know there are other veteran support organizations out there and we’ll continue to add to this data base as we find them.

We do not claim or verify that any of these organizations listed will be of benefit to anyone or solve anyone’s requirements. This section is strictly an informational data base service we offer.


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  • Access to Professional Sporting Events
  • Adaptive Homes
  • Adaptive Sports Programs and Adventures
  • Adaptive Transportation and Specialized Equipment
  • Adaptive Water Sports
  • Addiction Programs
  • Adventures – Hunting and Fishing
  • Adventures – Wilderness and Outdoors
  • Assisting Veterans and Deployed Troops and Families
  • Camping for Wounded Warriors and Their Families
  • Care Giver Services and Support
  • Canine Companions
  • Care Packages for Troops
  • Climbing for Those with Disabilities
  • Comfort Homes for Military and Veteran’s Families
  • Competitive Sporting Events for Wounded and Injured Veterans and Service Members
  • Education Assistance, Career Transitioning and Mentoring
  • Employment Programs and Assistance
  • Empowerment Programs—Mentorship, Advocacy, Expeditions for Veterans and Families of the Fallen
  • Family Support
  • Financial Assistance, Gap Funding and Personal Needs
  • Gold Star Support and Programs
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Hearing Loss in the Military
  • Homeless Veterans Assistance
  • Housing Assistance for Homeless Veterans and their Families
  • Housing and Transportation for visiting families of wounded warriors
  • Incarcerated Veterans Programs and Support
  • Injured Warfighters in Motorsports
  • Making Communities Stronger
  • PTS– TBI – MST- Chronic Pain and Treatment Assistance
  • Resources to Help Veterans and Their Spouse Start and Grow Businesses
  • Retreats
  • Support for Children of Military Families, the Wounded, Ill or Absent
  • Support for Special Operators
  • Transition into Civilian Life Assistance
  • Veterans Entering Politics
  • Water Sports and Expeditions
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    Access to Professional Sporting Events

    Birdies for the Brave
    Operation Warrior Wishes

    Adaptive Homes

    Semper Fi Fund
    Homes for Our Troops
    Helping a Hero
    Military Warriors Support Foundation

    Adaptive Sports Programs and Adventures

    No Barriers
    Yellow Ribbon Fund
    Team River Runner
    Project Hero
    Paralyzed Veterans of America
    Stride Adaptive Sports
    Therapeutic Adventures
    Challenge Aspen
    Vail Veterans Program
    Operation Rebound
    Tee It Up for the Troops

    Adaptive Transportation and Specialized Equipment

    Semper Fi Fund
    Military Warriors Support Foundation
    Feherty’s Troops First Foundation
    Soldier Strong

    Adaptive Water Sports

    Team River Runner
    Project Hero
    Vail Veterans Program
    Stride Adaptive Sports
    Adaptive Adventures
    Veterans Ocean Adventures

    Addiction Programs

    Soldier On

    Adventures – Hunting and Fishing

    Lone Star Warriors
    Active Heroes
    Adaptive Adventures
    Operation Second Chance
    Hunts for Healing
    Wounded Warriors Guide Service
    Wounded Warriors Support Foundation
    Heroes on the Water
    Vail Veterans Program
    Warriors and Quiet Waters
    Camp Hope

    Adventures – Wilderness and Outdoors

    Veterans Expeditions
    Sierra Club Military Outdoors
    Paradox Sports
    Travis Manion Foundation
    Outward Bound for Veterans
    Warriors Expeditions
    Wounded Warriors Guide Service

    Adventures – Wilderness and Outdoors

    Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation
    Vet Expeditions
    Hope for the Warriors
    The Heroes Project
    Operation Never Forgotten
    Mates4 Mates (Australia)

    Assisting Veterans and Deployed Troops and Families

    Soldiers Angels
    Veterans Inc.
    Operation Second Chance

    Camping for Wounded Warriors and Their Families

    Stride Adaptive Sports
    Therapeutic Adventures
    Camp Hope

    Care Giver Services and Support

    Easterseals Military and Veteran Services
    Yellow Ribbon Fund
    Code of Support Foundation

    Canine Companions

    Soldiers Best Friend
    Paws and Stripes
    4 Paws for Ability
    Canine Companions for Independence
    America’s Vet Dogs
    K-9s for Warriors
    Operation Delta Dog
    Semper Fi Fund
    Feherty’s Troops First Foundation

    Care Packages for Troops

    Operation Troop Aid
    Soldiers Angels

    Climbing For Those with Disabilities

    Paradox Sports
    Adaptive Adventures
    The Heroes Project

    Comfort Homes for Military and Veteran’s Families

    Fisher House
    Yellow Ribbon Fund

    Competitive Sporting Events for wounded and injured veterans and service members

    Invictus Games Foundation
    Invictus Games Toronto 2017
    Invictus Games 2018 Sydney
    Operation Rebound
    Paralyzed Veterans of America

    Education Assistance, Career Transitioning and Mentoring

    Yellow Ribbon Fund
    Semper Fi Fund
    Warrior Scholar Project
    Folded Flag Foundation
    Folds of Honor
    Wyakin Foundation
    Stride Adaptive Sports
    Code of Support

    Education Assistance, Career Transitioning and Mentoring

    Hope for the Warriors
    Still Serving Veterans
    Red Circle Foundation
    Soldier Strong
    Special Operation Warrior Fund
    Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund
    Birdies for the Brave
    Serket Racing
    Mates4Mates (Australia)

    Employment Programs and Assistance

    Robert F. McCormick Foundation
    Easterseals Military & veterans Services
    Hire Heroes USA
    The Welcome Home Group
    Code of Support Foundation
    Veterans Inc.
    Mates4mates (Australia)

    Empowerment Programs—Mentorship, Advocacy, Expeditions for veterans and Families of the Fallen

    Travis Manion Foundation

    Family Support

    Luke’s Wing
    Project Sanctuary

    Financial Assistance, Gap Funding and Personal Needs

    Operation First Response
    Coalition to Salute Americas Heroes
    Code of Support Foundation
    Red Circle Foundation
    Tee It Up For The Troops
    Serket Racing

    Gold Star Support and Programs

    Operation Never Forgotten
    Tribute to the Troops

    Health and Wellness Programs

    Easterseals Military and Veterans Services
    Yellow Ribbon Hund
    Hope for the Warriors
    Connected Warriors
    Code of Support Foundation
    Vail Veterans Program

    Hearing Loss in the Military

    Heroes with Hearing Loss

    Homeless Veterans Assistance

    Soldier On
    Veterans Inc.

    Housing Assistance for Homeless Veterans and their Families

    Veterans Matter
    Code of Support
    Veterans Inc

    Housing and Transportation for visiting families of wounded warriors

    Yellow Ribbon Fund
    Fisher House

    Incarcerated Veterans Programs and Support

    Soldier On
    The Welcome Home Group

    Injured Warfighters in Motorsports


    Making Communities Stronger

    Travis Manion Foundation
    The Mission Continues

    PTS– TBI – MST- Chronic Pain and Treatment Assistance

    Lone Survivor Foundation
    Semper Fi Fund
    Boulder Crest
    Hope for the Warriors
    Project Hero
    Hidden Wounds
    Active Heroes

    PTS– TBI – MST- Chronic Pain and Treatment Assistance

    One Mind
    Operation Second Chance
    Mates4Mates (Australia)
    Mission 22
    Infinite Heroes
    Cerebrum Health Clinics
    Boot Campaign

    Resources To Help Veterans and Their Spouse Start and Grow Businesses

    Bunker Labs

    Work Vessels for Veterans


    Active Heroes
    Operation Second Chance
    Operation Never Forgotten
    Camp Hope
    Code of Support Foundation
    Project Sanctuary

    Support for Children of Military Families, the Wounded, Ill or Absent

    The Generals Kids
    Our Military Kids
    United Heroes League
    Massachusetts Legacy Fund
    Brian Cushing Foundation

    Support for Special Operators

    Red Circle Foundation
    Special Operators Warriors Foundation
    Code of Support Foundation
    31 Heroes
    Serket Racing

    Transition into Civilian Life Assistance

    Code of Support Foundation
    Unstoppable Heroes
    The Mission Continues

    Veterans Entering Politics

    New Politics

    Water Sports and Expeditions

    Heroes on the Water
    Warriors and Quiet Waters
    Stride Adaptive Sports
    Hunts for Healing

    About Semper Fi Fund and America’s Fund  
    Semper Fi Fund, and its program America's Fund, are set up to provide immediate financial assistance and lifetime support for wounded, critically ill and injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families, directing urgently needed resources to post 9/11 service members of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Reserves. Semper Fi Fund has been working with wounded service members since 2004, offering assistance to lessen the burden for those who need it most. The Semper Fi Fund's streamlined structure keeps overhead very low, 6%; they are also one of three veteran charities to receive an "A+" rating from CharityWatch and a "Four Star" rating from Charity Navigator.

    As of June 2014 the Semper Fi Fund has given more than 73,000 grants totaling $92 million+ to over 11,800 service members and their families.

    Athletic Programs and Rehabilitative Athletic Programs

    About The Peter Murphy Semper Fi Fund Sports Program – Team Semper Fi & Team America’s Fund  
    Made up of more than 700 service members who qualify for our assistance, The Peter Murphy Semper Fi Fund Sports Program – Team Semper Fi & Team America’s Fund is the heart and inspiration of the Semper Fi Fund's rehabilitative Athletic Program, and is an extension of the assistance we provide. The team is made up of servicemen and women who have overcome significant challenges in their service to our country, and have embraced the fighting, athletic spirit on their road to recovery. They are an inspiration to us all, but more importantly, they are an inspiration to their fellow service members who are also recovering.

    The Semper Fi Fund provides the team with coaches, specialized sporting equipment, entry fees, and travel expenses to athletic events. Athletes are also given the opportunity to receive high-level training from Paralympics.  

    Honoring Fallen Heroes

    Mission Statement  
    Tribute To The Troops is an organization of grateful Americans dedicated to preserving the memory of those men and women of our nation’s military who lost their lives while bravely protecting our freedom. It is in their memory that we honor and convey our heartfelt gratitude to family and friends left behind and extend our sincere appreciation to all veterans who have served, whether in war or in peace.

    About Us
    Tribute To The Troops® began in Minnesota in 2004, inspired by a video featuring the song "Home" by country singer Rockie Lynne. The video features pictures of our fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms early on in the War on Terror. With inspiration from the video, a small group of patriotic Minnesotans joined together to visit three families in the Twin Cities area who had lost a loved one during the War On Terror. With the prior permission of each family, over 60 people on 45 motorcycles paraded to each family home to conveying their thanks to family members and to let them know that their loss, and the sacrifice made by their loved one, will never be forgotten. The day was filled with hugs, tears, and warm smiles as each person attending was able to personally acknowledge each family’s loss. That fall day in 2004 marked the beginning of Tribute To The Troops®. The dedication and support of many volunteers and participants over the years has enabled this organization to grow and to continue its important Mission.

    In 2010, Tribute To The Troops® extended beyond Minnesota into Oregon and Illinois, helping groups in those states conduct a similar rides to honor our fallen heroes and their families. Both inaugural rides were a tremendous success and managed to generate greater awareness for the sacrifices made by these heroes and their families, and to cultivate enthusiasm among participants to continue with the very important Mission of this organization. We invite you to join us in Minnesota, Illinois, North Carolina or Oregon. If you are interested in learning more about forming a chapter in your state, please contact us.  
    Tribute To The Troops website: www.TributeToTheTroops.org

    Transitional Housing and Supportive Services for Homeless Veterans

    Soldier On  
    Soldier On provides three housing locations: a 165 bed shelter leased from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Leeds, MA; a 71-bed transitional living facility in Pittsfield, MA, and the first of its kind, award winning 39 unit housing cooperative Gordon H. Mansfield Veterans Community in Pittsfield, MA. The treatment program is focused on building social skills, creating an enhanced sense of togetherness and providing motivation for residents to spend their free time serving others instead of themselves. A wide variety of treatment groups range from Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to computer technology and current events. Soldier On employs a full time psychologist who focuses on the chronically mentally ill and veterans with dual diagnosis. Furthermore each veteran is assigned a case manager to assist in attaining necessary services and developing an individual service plan that addresses the veteran’s needs and goals. The Soldier On employment program includes financial awareness classes, specialized service for incarcerated veterans, financial assistance for training and education, resume building, interview preparation and job fairs. We provide our veterans with transportation to and from appointments and services that are not offered where they live. We also provide Outreach Services in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Mississippi.   www.WeSoldierOn.org

    Pro Teams Connecting with Service Members and Veterans

    Redskins Salute  
    Army. Navy. Air Force. Marines. Coast Guard. National Guard. Redskins Salute, the official military appreciation club of the Washington Redskins, was created specifically with current and former service members in mind as a free community to connect, serve and support military members, their families and friends. Redskins Salute is where the Washington Redskins recognize the duty to serve and support those who have courageously fought for our freedom, and an opportunity to thank our military for their continued selfless efforts to serve our country. A first of its kind in the NFL, Redskins Salute is where service members can connect with the team and with each other, sharing Redskins stories, experiences and the shared passion behind an 80+ year tradition with year-round benefits.   
    To learn more about the NFL’s commitment to the military and veterans, visit www.nfl.com/salute

    Outdoor Adventures and Sports

    Hope for Heroes  
    The Hope for Heroes Foundation mission is to empower independence for our nation's disabled heroes. The goal is to provide the disabled hero a place to heal from their injuries, while providing them assistance and expertise to regain the passion for outdoor pursuits. We are able to provide education, empowerment and a sense of healing through their favorite outdoor sport.   

    Veterans--- Become Political Leaders

    New Politics  
    America needs new leaders, a new greatest generation, and a new politics across all levels of government. We believe that transformational leadership in politics matters – that we need leaders who are part of creating something larger than themselves, not just reelection. We believe that now more than ever our nation needs leaders who have served this country through military, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and other significant service programs. We need those who have put everything aside to serve America outside of politics to serve our country as political leaders. These Americans are undaunted by our most pressing problems. They don’t see challenges as walls but as hurdles – not as constraints but as opportunities. In their service they’ve faced down problems where failure wasn’t an option – where they’ve had to either collaborate and succeed or stand divided and fail. Now we need them to bring that type of leadership to our politics, to bring our nation together to solve some of the 21st century’s most complex problems. At New Politics, we can give Americans who have served the tools and guidance to win elections and become the transformational leaders America needs.    www.NewPolitics.org

    Operation Warrior Wishes’ mission is to honor heroes,
    Keep legacies alive & provide once in a lifetime
    to warriors from the Battlefields to the Ballfields

    My Dad and I never imagined our father son journey to visits all 32 NFL stadiums in one season would have turned into the mission it is today. This mission has helped us better understand the sacrifices that theses brave soldiers make for us and has given us a huge appreciation for everyone who has served and sacrificed for our country’s freedom. My Dad and I are so thankful for the opportunity to show our appreciation by doing everything we can to provide a stress free day filled with fun once in a lifetime memories at event across the country for the brave men and women who give us the freedom to attend such events.    www.warriorwishes.org

    Proudly supported by the PGA TOUR, Birdies for the Brave is a national military outreach initiative dedicated to honoring and showing appreciation to the courageous men and women of the United States Armed Forces and their families.

    Birdies for the Brave was originally created in 2006 by PGA TOUR player, Phil Mickelson, and his wife, Amy, to support combat-wounded veterans. The PGA TOUR subsequently adopted the program, and expanded it to include a wide variety of military outreach and appreciation activities during PGA TOUR events, as well as a series of fundraising events conducted at the PGA TOUR’s Tournament Players Clubs (TPCs) and partner courses across the nation.

    As a program of PGA TOUR Charities, Inc., the PGA TOUR covers all administrative and overhead costs. With this, 100% of funds raised for Birdies for the Brave are distributed to non-profit military charities called homefront groups. Each homefront group has a different mission and benefits a different sector of the military community, whether active duty, combat-wounded veterans, military spouses, etc. Birdies for the Brave works with corporate sponsors to bring the programs offered by these homefront groups to the platform of the PGA TOUR. Participants in such a program (i.e. a home donation at a tournament, a service dog presentation at a tournament, scholarship presentation for a child of a fallen hero at a tournament, baby showers for military moms-to-be whose husband is deployed, etc.) are vetted through the homefront group. These efforts have raised more than $11 million for non-profit military homefront groups.

    In addition, Birdies for the Brave works with tournaments on the PGA TOUR, Champions Tour and Web.com Tour to activate a variety of military appreciation programs that are simply designed to say "thank you". Such programs that are open to veterans include: Patriots' Outposts (military hospitality chalets offering complimentary food and beverages to military families during tournaments) along with military ticket offers (allowing military members and their families to gain complimentary or discounted admission to select tournaments).


    The Semper Fi Fund provides immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to post-9/11 combat wounded, critically ill and catastrophically injured members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, and their families, ensuring that they have the resources they need during their recovery and transition back to their communities. Since establishing the Semper Fi Fund in 2004, we’ve issued more than 166,000 grants, totaling more than $167 million in assistance to over 20,500 of our heroes and their families.

    About Homes for Our Troops  

    Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) is a privately funded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post – 9/11 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives. Most of these Veterans have sustained injuries including multiple limb amputations, partial or full paralysis, and/or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). These homes restore some of the freedom and independence our Veterans sacrificed while defending our country, and enable them to focus on their family, recovery, and rebuilding their lives. Since its inception in 2004, nearly 90 cents of every dollar has gone directly to our program services for Veterans. HFOT builds these homes where the Veteran chooses to live, and continues its relationship with the Veterans after home delivery to assist them with rebuilding their lives.

    Building Homes and Rebuilding Lives  

    HFOT builds homes as a departure point for these Veterans to rebuild their lives, and once again become highly productive members of society. Despite their life-altering injuries, many of our Veterans have embarked on new careers, completed their college degrees, or started families. Empowered by the freedom a mortgage-free and specially adapted home brings, these Veterans can now focus on their recovery and returning to their life’s work of serving others. Many have embraced their roles as motivational speakers, sharing their messages of persevering through tragedy with groups and classrooms around the country; others take to a national platform to promote awareness of veteran suicide, homelessness and PTSD. Their incredible stories – far too numerous to include on one page – are the driving force for the work we do here at HFOT. We encourage you to read more about their amazing stories in this website.



    Empowering our severely wounded veterans returning from service on the War on Terror, primarily by partnering with the wounded hero to provide specially adapted homes to reintegrate them into their community.
    “Empowering Wounded Heroes, One Home at a Time”

    Mission Statement  

    Helping a Hero is a 501(c)(3) non profit, non-partisan organization, founded in 2006, that provides support for military personnel severely injured in the war on terror. Our principal activity is to provide specially adapted homes for qualifying service members through partnerships made with the builders, developers, communities, and the veteran. Helping a Hero strives to engage the community in providing services and resources for our wounded heroes and their families. Additionally, Helping a Hero provides additional support programs such as marriage retreats, caregiver retreats, recreational activities, emotional support, and financial support.


    Military Warriors Support Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, founded by LTG. Leroy Sisco, (Ret), in 2007. Our mission is to provide support and programs that facilitate a smooth and successful transition for our Nation’s combat wounded heroes and Gold Star families. This is a very fragile time for these heroes, and their families, and it can be difficult for many. Our programs focus on housing and homeownership, employment, as well as recreational activities and transportation assistance.

    Through Homes4WoundedHeroes, our homes donation program, we award 100% mortgage-free homes to combat wounded veterans and Gold Star spouses of heroes who have fallen in combat. In addition to the home, each family receives three years of family and financial mentoring so that they may learn the skills necessary to become happy and successful homeowners. This program not only changes our families, but it also changes the lives of the generations that follow.

    For recreational activities, we offer our Skills4Life program. Through this program, we offer golf outings, hunting and fishing trips for combat wounded veterans and Gold Star families each year.

    To learn more about our programs, please visit:


    ABOUT US  


    Our mission is to unleash the potential of the human spirit.  Through transformative experiences, tools and inspiration, we help people embark on a quest to contribute their absolute best to the world.  In the process, we foster a community of curious, brave and collaborative explorers who are determined to live the No Barriers Life.


    The No Barriers Summit is a 4-day event that will inspire you with speakers and showcase cutting-edge innovations. Choose from more than 40 adaptive activities that will help you and your family break through barriers and connect with our community. Regardless of your ability, you will leave forever changed.

    No Barriers Warriors improves the lives of veterans with disabilities through curriculum-based experiences in challenging environments.

    No Barriers Youth is the premier educational program challenging young people to contribute their absolute best to the world. We do this through transformative experiences, classroom tools, and real-world inspiration.


    Yellow Ribbon Fund
    Since 2005, the Yellow Ribbon Fund has been listening to what injured service members and their families say they need, and filling in the gaps. While they’re recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital, YRF provides free rental cars, taxi rides, hotel stays, and apartments for visiting family members; family-oriented activities and stress-relieving massages for family caregivers; and for their injured loved ones, more than 100 social events and outings yearly, free tickets to sporting and cultural events, and career and education mentoring. Even after they return home, YRF’s nationwide network of volunteers continue to provide practical support. www.YellowRibbonFund.org

    To create an environment of healthy adventure, recreation and camaraderie for healing active duty and veterans service members and their families through adaptive kayaking.

    Team River Runner envisions a national network which creates innovative paddling programs designed to assist with the recovery of those injured while serving our country. Through paddle sports, TRR volunteers and partners provider local communities unique opportunities for the active, safe and positive support of healing service members and their families.


    Founded in 2008, Project Hero is a groundbreaking national non-profit organization dedicated to helping Veterans and First Responders affected by PTSD, TBI and injury achieve rehabilitation, recovery and resilience in their daily lives and increasing awareness of the national mental health crisis posed by PTSD and TBI.

    Project Hero programs work by producing positive outcomes at lower costs and reducing drug-based therapies.  Project Hero builds and provides adaptive bikes to physically-challenged and injured Veterans and First Responders and has helped tens of thousands of our Healing Heroes at no cost to participants through cycling events, community-based programs in more than 50 cities throughout the US and by supporting research.

    Mission Statement   

    Paralyzed Veterans of America, a congressionally chartered veterans service organization founded in 1946, has developed a unique expertise on a wide variety of issues involving the special needs of our members – veterans of the armed forces who have experienced spinal cord injury or dysfunction.

  • Quality health care for our members,
  • Research and education addressing spinal cord injury and dysfunction,
  • Benefits available as a result of our members’ military service,
  • Civil rights and opportunities that maximize the independence of our     members.
  • To enable Paralyzed Veterans to continue to honor this commitment, we must recruit and retain members who have the experience, energy, dedication, and passion necessary to manage the organization and ensure adequate resources to sustain the programs essential for Paralyzed Veterans of America to achieve its mission.


    All About STRIDE  

    To educate and empower individuals with special needs in life-changing sport and recreation programs to sustain healthy, active and fun lifestyles.

    To build a community with equal opportunity and access for sport and recreational activities.  No one should be left behind because of a disability! STRIDE believes it is possible to remove boundaries, fulfill dreams, enhance self-esteem, and empower youth with disabilities through participation in sport and recreational activities.

    Serving the military veteran population for nearly a decade, STRIDE’s Wounded Warrior Program provides integrated adaptive sport and recreation activities to men and women of the armed forces who have been injured in combat. STRIDE utilizes skilled volunteer sport instructors, serving Wounded Warriors and their families from our region, and offers programs in snowsports, marksmanship, sled hockey, watersports, cycling and our SCORE camping program. With a focus on individual life-time sports, our programs use specialized equipment or teaching for successful participation to “level the playing field”. STRIDE is a partner member of Disabled Sports USA Warfighter Sports and a US Paralympic Sport Club.


    At the heart of all that we do, Therapeutic Adventures (TA) and IndependencePlus Adaptive Sports (IP~AS) strive to make a positive change and lasting effect on the people we serve and the environments where our adaptive sports, adaptive outdoor adventures and specialty therapeutic services are offered. TA and IP~AS does this with:

    The Right Vision
             The Right Intentions
                     The Right Values
                             The Right Ethics
                                     The Right Lessons

    Our staff will help you to assess which of the programs and services we offer will
    best suit your needs!

    Our Mission

    Ttherapeutic Adventures (TA) exists to educate, to challenge, and to inspire people of all ages and abilities to live a healthy lifestyle through active participation in adaptive outdoor sports, adaptive outdoor recreation and adaptive outdoor adventures.

    Our Commitment

    Through our unique and integrative approach to teaching, coaching, adaptive guiding and mentoring, TA provides access, leadership, programs and specialty therapeutic services to embolden people of all abilities with the courage to improve their functional independence, fitness and overall quality of life. What differentiates TA from other programs is: (1) our diverse experience; as well as (2) our innovative, and individualized approach to instruction and program development.

    Therapeutic Adventures
    Therapeutic Retreats, Camps, Adaptive Guide Services, Trips
    Alpine Skiing
    Nordic skiing
    Fly Fishing


    Our Mission

    IndependencePlus - Adaptive Sports (I~AS) exists to educate, to challenge, and to
    inspire people of all ages and abilities to live a healthy lifestyle through active participation in adaptive sports and recreation.

    Our Commitment

    Through our unique and integrative approach to teaching, coaching, adaptive guiding and mentoring, IndependencePlus - Adaptive Sports (I~AS) provides leadership, programs and specialty therapeutic services to embolden people of all abilities to improve their functional independence fitness and overall quality of life. What differentiates IndependencePlus - Adaptive Sports (I~AS) from other programs is: (1) our diverse experience; as well as (2) our innovative, and individualized approach to instruction and program development.

    IndependencePlus - Adaptive Sports (I~AS)
    Recreational ~ Competitive
    Alpine Skiing
    Nordic skiing
    Sled hockey
    Track and Field
    Fitness Training


    Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities (CAMO) provides adaptive and therapeutic recreation and wellness experiences for military personnel diagnosed with cognitive and/or physical disabilities. CAMO offers an opportunity for veterans, their spouses/partners and caregivers to reconnect with outdoor recreation activities through professional adaptive instruction for both summer and winter sports. CAMO encourages participants to attend one summer and one winter retreat so they can be exposed to one or more activities that may open the door to continued health and wellness.



    Provide military injured and their families with innovative and transformational programs that build confidence and improve lives


    Since 2004, Vail Veterans Program has transformed the lives of military injured and their families through innovative programs that build confidence and life-long relationships. Programs range from the adventurous to the connective, including summer and winter therapeutic recreational programming, caregiver-specific wellness events, and empowerment training.

    Vail Veterans Program participants include United States military personnel who have been severely injured while serving our country. Most veterans who participate in our programs come directly from: Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland; Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, and the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, California. Vail Veterans Program events are provided to military injured and their families entirely free of charge.

    Summer Programs  

    Summer Programs for wounded veterans and their families that includes:

  • rock climbing
  • whitewater rafting
  • horseback riding
  • zip-lining
  • mountain biking
  • fly-fishing
  • wellness programs
  • “Golf In The Rockies “-- wounded veterans enjoy 5-days of an unforgettable golf experience

    Winter Programs  

    The Winter Family Program offers severely wounded veterans and their families the opportunity to participate in private, full-day adaptive ski/snowboard instruction with PSIA certified instructors at Vail Mountain.

    “Winter Mountain Adventure” -- wounded veterans work closely with Vail Mountain Adaptive Ski School instructors for four days of one-on-one ski/snowboard instruction, focusing on individual needs and goals.

    All programs promote family bonding and relationship building with new friends.


    Operation Rebound--- Challenged Athletes Foundation


    Challenged Athletes Foundation's® (CAF) Operation Rebound® (OR) program strengthens the mental and physical well-being of veterans and first responders with permanent physical injuries by providing them opportunities to use sports and fitness to re-integrate into our communities and by empowering them through sports to lead productive, active and fulfilling lives.

    Operation Rebound supports those who have served honorably through:   

  • Activity: Operation Rebound funds equipment, training and travel expenses that can help our injured troops and first responders to harness the healing power of sport – whether the goal is to win Paralympic gold or just run around the block.
    . NOTE: This is a year-round program that is separate from CAF's Access for Athletes.
  • Military Medical Center Physical Training (MMCPT) which provides structured physical training program for active-duty service members recovering from permanent physical injuries at military medical centers. CAF works with resident prosthetists, recreational therapists, and medical hold unit commanders to provide opportunities for physical training that is in compliance with discrete rehabilitation programs and applicable military regulations.
  • Sports Clinics are held throughout the year at military medical centers and other locations in the community. Expert coaches and CAF elite athletes provide instruction and mentorship to introduce beginner athletes to a range of sports including bicycling, handcycling, running, swimming, basketball and other sports.
  • www.operationrebound.org

    Our Mission

    Tee It Up for the Troops’ mission is to honor, remember, respect and support all those who serve(d) in the armed forces for this great nation.

    Our Impact

    Tee It Up for the Troops has donated over $7,000,000 to more than 300 veterans support organizations that support all those who serve(d) in the armed forces for this great nation.
    In addition, Tee It Up for the Troops has helped accomplish the following:
    Assisted more than 27,000 military families, saving more than $44 million in lodging costs, plus food and transportation.
  • Provided more than 10,000 of the most severely wounded with year-round programs in more than 50 different sports nationwide, free of charge.
  • Reunited over 230 wounded veterans, who were separated due to battlefield injuries, change in rehabilitation, or other reasons beyond their control.
  • Helped two military families to launch their own business, and hire other veterans and family members, through our Operation Heartfirst initiative with Anytime Fitness.
  • Our approach is to facilitate and serve:
  • We provide a “Tournament in a Box” event playbook and tournament coordination support to empower local chapters and volunteers.
  • We are a grass roots organization that has a profound impact on not only individual veterans and their families, but on organizations that are helping those individuals.
  • We are a national organization that generates awareness and support for our primary beneficiaries – Fisher House, Disabled Sports USA, and Hope for the Warriors.
  • We are efficient in our governance – less than 14% of our proceeds goes to organizational overhead.
  • www.teeitupforthetroops.org


    Feherty's Troops First Foundation was created to develop, operate and support wellness, quality of life and event-based initiatives for post-9/11 combat-injured Warriors.

    These initiatives facilitate a greater recognition and an enhanced understanding of the quality and character of the men and women who volunteer to serve, their families, their daily sacrifices and the constant need to evaluate and improve their quality of life.
    All of these efforts are founded in our three guiding principles:
    1. Never make a promise to a Wounded Warfighter that you cannot     keep.
    2. If you are given the honor and privilege of participating in a Wounded     Warfighter’s recovery, you must do everything to make certain that     you leave it better than you found it.
    3. Most importantly, it is never about you – it is always about them. Our     initiatives provide housing to wounded veterans and their families,     establish valuable connections among service members to give them a     critical support network in an effort to combat the veteran suicide     crisis, coordinate a unique opportunity for service members to leave     the battlefield on their own terms, and provide service dogs to assist     in everyday life.

    Leroy Petry Village of Honor

    Most often when a Warrior is severely wounded in combat, a protracted recovery process begins. There are many stages in the recovery process, and each recovery is unique to the individual Warrior. However, all must go through a medical evaluation known as the Med Board. This usually starts when most medical procedures are complete and therapeutic services are well underway. The Med Board can take from nine months to almost two years. This is when many Warriors most often need and seek additional housing options. In an effort to continue with the Foundation's mission of developing relevant initiatives to assist Warriors with reintegrating to civilian life, we have built the Leroy Petry Village of Honor. This is a transitional housing program located not far from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center that consists of seven single-family accessible homes. These homes will be available for a one to two year period to Warriors and their families who are transitioning out of the military after injuries sustained in combat.


    About Us  

    Our mission is two-fold: SoldierStrong helps to provide state-of the- art biomedical technology for veterans overcoming injuries, and to facilitate educational and vocational opportunities for veterans transitioning into the next phase of their life’s mission.

    Roughly 340,000 post-9/11 veterans suffer from traumatic brain and/or spinal injury, yet some of the world’s most cutting-edge devices that can help them walk again simply aren’t covered. That’s where we come in.

    We’ve partnered with innovative, America-base brands to bring elite rehabilitation technology to veterans around the country. Our Ekso Suits—hi-tech robotic exoskeletons—help veterans with spinal injuries to stand and walk, and our Myomo upper limb orthosis help them regain loss mobility. And, because of the generous support of our donors, we’ve been able to provide more than 20,000 veterans access to these incredible technologies spanning VA and private rehabilitation hospitals around the country and counting.

    For veterans returning home, our SoldierScholar program provides both real-world work experience and scholarship opportunities with an emphasis on community and campus life. So far, we’ve provided more than $300,000 worth of scholarships, ensuring that any tuition gaps in Post-9/11 GI Bill funding are filled, and our heroes continue to get the opportunities they deserve.

    More than 90% of our funds raised go toward our mission.

    For more information on the organization, please visit, www.soldierstrong.org

    Our Story

    Small goods. Large impact. From this simple ethos, SoldierStrong began its journey of helping service men and women through theirs. Along the way we developed into an organization with a national profile that now stands at the forefront of non-profits dedicated to improving the lives of our nation’s heroes.

    Back in 2009, we saw that soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan lacked some basics essentials – namely tube socks and baby wipes, cherished items in the harsh desert of the Middle East. Moved to take action, we founded SoldierStrong and, working with local business and civic organizations around Stamford, Conn., held sock drives and fund raising events. Word of our mission spread, and partnerships grew in scope to include organizations such as Cablevision, Sports Illustrated, ConAir and Newman’s Own, in addition to a number of schools and universities, churches and other civic organizations.

    People took notice – Soldier Strong shipped over 50,000 pounds items to our troops abroad, and drew praise here at home, receiving a commendation from the U.S. House of Representatives and a Presidential Call to Service Award from the White House.

    As the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq wound down and our ambitions to help grew, SoldierStrong focus pivoted from providing goods to soldiers abroad to helping then thrive here at home. Our efforts quickly evolved beyond simple sock drives to scholarships for returning veterans and
    partnering with cutting-edge rehabilitation technology companies to literally get our heroes “back on their feet”.

    Although we’ve since left sock drives and care packages behind to tackle new challenges, SoldierStrong remains committed to its found principles: providing our patriots with the resources and support they need to overcome obstacles new and old. While the good we now provide – state of the art medical devices and educational opportunities at some of our nation’s most prestigious institutions – are in no way small, our impact continues to be out sized.



    To provide progressive outdoor sports opportunities to improve quality of life for children, adults and veterans with physical disabilities and their families.

    Adaptive Adventures was founded in 1999 by two individuals with physical disabilities. They saw a need for adventure and sport opportunities outside of competitive adaptive sports for people with physical disabilities. Adaptive Adventures has served over 100,000 participants and their families from all 50 states.

    Adaptive Adventures main office is located in Lakewood, Colorado with a satellite office in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Adaptive Adventures provides ongoing programs, camps and clinics in cycling, climbing, kayaking, paddleboarding, skiing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, sailing, scuba, rafting and dragon boat racing.
    Adaptive Adventures offers a unique mobile program. Unlike site based adaptive sports programs, Adaptive Adventures travels the country with 14 trailers filled with adaptive equipment providing programs to underserved areas of the country. Adaptive Adventures provides programs in 23 states, collaborating with over 80 community partners across the country including; rehab hospitals, park districts, VA medical centers, military hospitals, veteran service organizations, and other adaptive sport programs. We believe in FREEDOM through Mobility for our participants and in our program structure.
    Adaptive Adventures programming is offered to participants and their families free of charge or significantly subsidized. Adaptive Adventures believes cost should never be a barrier to someone's participation in quality outdoor adaptive sport opportunities.


    We give veterans the opportunity to experience the healing power of water. Simply put, we take veterans sailing, diving and kayaking. Recently, we've added indoor rock climbing.

    Create an opportunity for veterans to experience the healing power of water.

    Create an opportunity for disabled veterans to experience open ocean sailing, offshore cruising and scuba diving through collaboration with community partners including the Miami VA and Miami Vet Center. Once participants have completed the Introduction to Water Sports program and express a desire to advance to blue water sailing, Veterans Ocean Adventures provides an introduction to cruising in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. Select participants may continue on to join a leg of an ongoing world circumnavigation.


    Mission Statement: Empower veterans to overcome challenges associated with
    Military service through outdoor training and leadership.

    Veterans Expeditions (VetEx) is a veteran led non-profit operating trips and expeditions for veterans throughout North America. We use wilderness challenges to connect all veterans, create community and raise awareness. Our work supports the reintegration of veterans into society and empowers them to overcome the challenges many face following military service

    The VetEx Co-Founders are 2014 National Geographic Adventurers of the Year

    Vet Expeditions
    P.O. Box 476 ● Salida, CO 81201


    Time spent outdoors can help foster a sense of teamwork, mission, and purpose that a veteran may be missing once they return home. The goal of Sierra Club's Military Outdoors program (SCMO) is to ensure that service members, veterans, and their families have the skills, exposure, and knowledge to access and enjoy the outdoors. SCMO also supports post-military adjustment and integration, helping 13,000 veterans get outside each year. Outings offer a platform for veterans to meet other veterans and re-establish a sense of camaraderie after returning home, and supports opportunities for relationship building with non-veterans through shared outdoor experiences, helping to bridge the gap between service and society.



    As one of the nation’s premier adaptive outdoor recreation organizations Paradox Sports is dedicated to our mission:

    Revolutionizing lives through adaptive
    climbing opportunities that defy convention

    Paradox Sports seeks to recognize and foster an individual’s potential and strength, defying the assumption that people with a physical disability can’t lead a life of excellence. We provide inspiration, opportunities and specialized adaptive equipment so that anyone is able to be an active participant in human-powered sports.


    We believe it is important to start with the “Why?” – the purpose of Paradox Sports. Since 2007, Paradox Sports has been a place to connect, push your limits, and change beliefs about what’s possible with a disability. Over the years Paradox Sports has changed and grown but at the core, the unwavering dedication to living fully and in the moment has always remained. Climbing requires you to be present in both mind and body, and often the “disability” holding you back is in the mind.   Climbing, as a sport in general, requires adaptive equipment even for able-bodied climbers. Harnesses, ropes, ice tools, and other gadgets aid in ascending the wall for people of all abilities, adaptive athletes do not necessarily need adaptive equipment to go climbing. We are passionate about engaging everyone in climbing and the climbing community because the community is what keeps us coming back.



    TMF empowers veterans and families of fallen heroes to develop character in future generations


    To create a nation of purpose-driven individuals and thriving communities that is built on character


    Passion – Servant Leadership – Integrity – Gratitude – Resilience – Personal Excellence

    The Travis Manion Foundation engages with veterans and families of the fallen in all stages of their personal journeys and offers them unique opportunities to empower them to achieve their goals. The Travis Manion Foundation believes that the best way to honor the fallen is by challenging the living. Through Mentorship and Advocacy, Expeditions, Character Does Matter, and the 9/11 Heroes Run, veterans and families of the fallen are leading in their communities. They are challenging themselves and others to continue the service to community and country exemplified by the nation’s fallen heroes and veterans.

    Website: www.travismanion.org

    About Outward Bound for Veterans  

    Outward Bound for Veterans helps returning service members and recent veterans readjust to life at home through powerful wilderness courses that draw on the healing benefit of teamwork and challenge through use of the natural world.

    Servicemen and veterans take part in wilderness expeditions that are physically, mentally and emotionally challenging in order to build the self-confidence, pride, trust and communication skills necessary to successfully return to their families, employers and communities following wartime service. These expeditions purposefully scaffold wartime experiences (carrying heavy packs, sore shoulders, rubbery legs, sleeping out, strange noises, sweat, dirt, frustration and anger) with authentic achievements to create positive emotional and mental outcomes.

    Wilderness activities are used as metaphors for daily life experiences in the pursuit of individual and group excellence, illuminating how the support and collaboration needed to meet Outward Bound goals can positively impact participants' interactions with others at home. Many veterans experienced courage, brotherhood and a real sense of power and competence while in combat. Outward Bound gives Veterans and service members the opportunity to re-experience these strengths in themselves in a different context, thus helping them to transition back to civilian life.


    Warrior Expeditions is a veteran nonprofit outdoor therapy program that supports combat veterans transitioning from their military service by thru-hiking America's National Scenic Trails.

    In 1948, Earl Shaffer told a friend he was going to “walk off the war” to work out the sights, sounds, and losses of World War II. Four months later, Earl Shaffer became the first person to hike the entire length of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.

    Following in Earl Shaffer’s footsteps and in recognizing the therapeutic effects of long distance outdoor expeditions, Warrior Expeditions created the Warrior Hike, Warrior Bike, and Warrior Paddle programs which are designed to help combat veterans transition from their military service.

    After returning home from deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Sean Gobin hiked all 2,185 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Recognizing the therapeutic effects of long distance hiking, Sean founded Warrior Expeditions that supports combat veterans transitioning from their military service by participating in long distance outdoor expeditions.


    what we do

    We provide outdoor recreational activities for disabled veterans of the United States Armed Forces, these activities and related expenses are provided at no cost.

    who we are

    Established in 2009, we began offering disabled US veterans the opportunity to join us on waterfowl hunts. We now offer year round adventures that include fishing both summer and winter, large and small game hunting, long range shooting, backpacking/camping, and more.


    Mission Statement  

    The Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation Inc. (WWIA) serves our nation's combat wounded Purple Heart recipients by providing world-class outdoor sporting activities as a means to recognize and honor their sacrifice, encourage independence and connections with communities, and promote healing and wellness through camaraderie and a shared passion for the outdoors.

    Our History  

    Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) John J. McDaniel founded Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation in 2007 and established its corporate headquarters in Apollo Beach, Florida. A retired Army officer, John felt that his service to the nation was not yet finished. He started as a concerned citizen taking a few Wounded Warriors out on hunting and fishing trips, but quickly saw that the need for this kind of healing was greater than he could support on his own. In 2009 WWIA was granted 501 © (3) Mon Profit status and has been changing the lives of American Heroes and American Sportsmen and women across the country since


    The mission of Hope for the Warriors® is to enhance the quality of life for post-9/11 service members, their families, and families of the fallen who have sustained physical and psychological wounds in the line of duty. Hope For The Warriors® is dedicated to restoring a sense of self, restoring the family unit, and restoring hope for our service members and our military families.

    Career and Transition Education
    Clinical Health and Wellness
    Sports, Recreation, Outdoor Adventures
    Community and Military Relations

    Our Story

    THE HEROES PROJECT makes the impossible a reality by empowering injured war veterans through physical and emotional training, allowing them to explore the farthest reaches of themselves and the world they live in. These expeditions challenge the severely wounded to redefine their personal limits post injury. The Heroes Project inspires our injured military veterans to find purpose, both physically and mentally, and ignites others to do the same.

    The core work of The Heroes Project includes three initiatives:


    The Heroes Project creates training and expedition programs for wounded marines, soldiers and veterans. Through these therapeutic, challenging and transformative experiences, THP is able to truly change lives. The physical experience of conquering these challenges is only part of the process. The mental preparation for these treks is equally as valuable. The Heroes Project has put our injured war veterans on some of the highest summits of the world conquering every challenge we set. Our philosophy of devoting our resources to one veteran at time has a proven ripple effect, impacting lives in a greater and more prophetic way.


    The Heroes Project aims to encourage and expand the community that supports our nation’s heroes. We have developed an extensive network of core support by connecting our donors, supporters and veterans. The Heroes Project also promotes and augments the efforts of other organizations working within this community across the country thereby strengthening impact. Click here to learn more about this task force and our partners in this mission.


    On each expedition, The Heroes Project captures footage of our heroes’ journeys to recovery. These stories of strength, resilience, and the ability to triumph over the impossible will be used as part of our outreach and empowerment programs to inspire the masses, whether veteran or civilian. The Heroes Project has been highlighted in the media countless times for its success stories and focused education on veteran’s rehabilitation, enabling our heroes to speak directly to the community.  Click here to see selections of stories on The Heroes Project and our team of veterans.

    The Founder

    Tim Wayne Medvetz has always sought adventure. Born and raised in the Great State of New Jersey, Medvetz realized early in life that he wanted to see the world—and see the world he did. A lifelong wanderer, nomad and natural extreme athlete, Medvetz has traveled all over the world. In 1998, he rode his chopper across the country to Los Angeles. Here he parlayed his love for bikes and the open road into a successful career, selling and building custom motorcycles for Hollywood’s elite at the world-renowned Bartel’s Harley Davidson.

    Medvetz became a member of the notorious Hells Angels motorcycle club and traveled all over the world with the club, experiencing some of his most memorable adventures. On September 10, 2001, Medvetz was racing his motorcycle through the San Fernando Valley when he was hit by a truck in a catastrophic accident that left him physically devastated, partially paralyzed and fighting for his life. His injuries required eight surgeries to save his foot—which doctors feared needed to be amputated—two metal plates and twenty screws to repair his cracked skull, a nine hour surgery to repair his shattered back with a titanium cage, plates and screws to put his knee back together and additional surgery to fuse his finger. He was not expected to walk again or to fully recover.

    On September 11, 2001, just moments before the planes hit the World Trade Center, Medvetz awoke in the ICU on life support, alone and in pain. His room crowded with doctors and nurses, all riveted to the burning buildings of his former home on the screen. The world had changed forever— and so had his.

    For six long months Medvetz struggled to regain the use of his legs, work through excruciating pain, and find some meaning in his life. He was adrift and not accepting the loss of his old body and his old life. One day in September of 2002, after a yearlong self-destructive binge sitting in his one bedroom apartment in Hollywood, he looked up at his bookshelf and saw Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air wedged in the corner. The book was gifted to him four years earlier by a friend. After finishing the book, he vowed to climb Mount Everest one day.

    Thirty days later he gave up his apartment and booked a one way ticket to Nepal. Slowly and persistently, he began to put his body and his life back together by living amongst local Sherpas in the foothills of the Himalayas in preparation for his attempt of the summit of Mount Everest. It took him four years to train. Much of those years was spent climbing numerous peaks in the Himalayas, as well as boxing in a Muay Thai boxing camp in the south of Thailand to get back into fighting shape. Medvetz has climbed Mount Everest twice. One of his climbs was filmed by the Discovery Channel in a 14-part epic series, Everest Beyond the Limit, one of the highest rated shows on Discovery Channel.

    After returning to Los Angeles, Medvetz once again found himself at a crossroads. He wanted to keep climbing and had proved to himself that nothing could stand in his way. Summiting Mount Everest on May 21, 2007 was about his own personal recovery, but he felt he needed a reason to continue— a purpose beyond his own personal satisfaction. Once again inspiration came from an unlikely place. A news broadcast on Veteran’s Day about disabled and disfigured returning veterans struck a familiar and powerful cord. Tim realized he had something to offer these brave soldiers and marines: the chance to put their lives back together through the challenge of climbing. Medvetz contacted all of his previous sponsors from his prior expeditions. His goal was to take a wounded veteran with him on his next climb. He realized that if he could renew his faith in himself on the summit of a mountain, he could help others do so as well.

    It did not take him long to raise the funds with the help of Chrome Hearts, Equinox Fitness Clubs, Cher Charitable Foundation, Eddie Bauer, and some private financial donors who always believed in him from the beginning. He embarked on two major expeditions in the summer of 2009 to Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa and Mount Elbrus, Russia with two injured war veterans. Medvetz, with his friend and cameraman, Ken Sauls, captured on video all the determination and perseverance of both heroes to provide inspiration and hope for future returning injured soldiers to watch.

    There was no turning back this time. In the fall of 2009, Medvetz founded The Heroes Project, a foundation dedicated to raising funds to help more wounded warriors climb the world’s highest peaks and find a renewed purpose and belief in themselves. The foundation is predicated on the idea that we can make a difference and change the lives of our wounded veterans, marines, soldiers and their families one soldier, one marine, one family at a time. For Tim Medvetz and the men and women of The Heroes Project, the real journey is just beginning.



    Operation Never Forgotten (ONF) is a national non-profit volunteer organization supporting health and wellness of post 9/11 physically and/or visibly wounded veterans, caregivers, Goldstar families and deployed troops.

    ONF creates awareness campaigns to remind the American public of the value of embracing the veteran community

    ONF is dedicated in helping to rebuild the lives for those who have sacrificed so greatly to defend our freedoms.


  • Transition Workshops
  • Gold Star Program
  • Outdoor Retreats
  • Suicide Prevention
  • www.operationneverforgotten.org

    Mates4Mates supports current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members (and their families) who have physical or psychological wounds, injuries or illnesses as a result of their Service.

    Mates4Mates provides:

  • Physical Rehab and Wellbeing. Individual rehabilitation, group training     sessions, complementary therapies and recreational activities.
  • Psychological Services.  Evidence based individual and group     counselling, relaxation and mindfulness and Equine Therapy.
  • Employment and Education Support Services. Career coaching &     mentoring, education & training and employment support.
  • Rehabilitation Adventure Challenges. Including trekking, kayaking,     sailing and cycling programs.
  • Social Connection Activities. Regular peer support, social events and     family activities.
  • Website link: www.mates4mates.org

    About Camp Hope  

    Camp Hope is a retreat for military Veterans wounded in the War on Terror. Nestled on the grounds of Chris Neal Farm, a 250-acre sanctuary in southeast Missouri, and with an additional 1250 acre access, Camp Hope now has 1500 acres to use for their vision. William “Mike” White and his wife, Galia, created Camp Hope as a tribute to their son, Christopher, who was killed fighting for our country in Iraq. The mission of Camp Hope is to honor the fallen by helping the wounded.

    Situated in rural Farmington, Missouri, approximately 70 miles southeast of Lambert-St. Louis Airport, Camp Hope is located in the heartland of American. With cool streams, winding creeks, granite boulders, gravel paths, tall trees and an abundance of wildlife, there is plenty of open space. Camp Hope offers beautiful rolling hills and hardwood ridges, perfect for hiking, four-wheeling, hunting, fishing, and exploring. During turkey and deer hunting season, Camp Hope’s Chris Neal Farm offers combat-wounded Veterans free hunting trips and lodging in ADA-approved, handicapped accessible cabins.

    A retreat in every sense of the word: numerous State and National Parks surround the area, offering Camp Hope Soldiers a myriad of activities, such as camping, fishing, canoeing, hiking and golf. Beyond the actual gates of Camp Hope, technology is left behind to allow nature in. Bonding takes place through face-to-face conversations in the woods, around the firepit, or at the newly-constructed centralized Lodge. Contact us at info@camphopeusa.org or click here to find out how you can become a Camp Hope Soldier.



    Soldier’s Best Friend provides U.S. military veterans living with combat-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with Service or Therapeutic Companion Dogs, most of which are rescued from local shelters. The veteran and dog train together to build a trusting relationship that saves two lives at once and inspires countless others.

    OUR GOAL  

    To help our war heroes improve in their symptoms of PTSD, adjust back into civilian life, lead a more productive life and help them build self-esteem. We also want to help the pet overpopulation problem by helping place shelter or rescue dogs into good homes.


    SBF is an Arizona-based organization with training in Phoenix, Tucson, Sierra Vista, Prescott and Flagstaff. Participants do not have to be Arizona residents, but must be able to live in Arizona for 6-9 months during training.


    Who We Are  

    Paws and Stripes began in 2010 when Lindsey Stanek’s ex-husband, Jim, faced PTSD and TBI. After seeing the impact therapy dogs had on him while he was in treatment, she began to pursue getting a service dog for him. She soon learned about the difficult and expensive process involved, so she started her own organization to help veterans for free.

    The problem is, insurance companies don’t cover the cost of service dogs for veterans with these medical issues, and privately, it costs from $10,000 to $60,000 for the dog and its training.This is where Paws and Stripes comes in. We provide service dogs for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Most importantly, we do it for free, at no cost to the veteran to enroll.

    Complete training for a Paws and Stripes veteran/dog team is funded solely through donations. The veterans are never obligated to pay a penny for successfully completing the program.

    We only adopt dogs from local shelters rather than getting ones specifically bred for the job, and highly trained service dog trainers work with the veteran and dog teams. We believe in saving

    lives, together, two at a time. The number of military veterans returning from combat with PTSD and TBI is staggering, but service dogs can help them live better lives.

    Service Area--- New Mexico  

    Paws and Stripes is an integrative, hands-on training program based in the Rio Rancho / Albuquerque area of New Mexico. Training lasts an average of 9 – 12 months. We will accept veterans from anywhere in the country, provided they are able to temporarily relocate or commute weekly to training, by their own means, for the duration of training.


    Our mission is to:  

  • Enrich the lives of children with disabilities by the training and     placement of quality, task trained service dogs to provide increased     independence for the children and assistance to their families.
  • Enrich the lives of veterans from recent conflicts whom have lost the     use of their limbs or their hearing while in active combat.
  • Educate the public to accept the use of service dogs in public places
  • Assist with animal rescue when possible
  • www.4pawsforability.org


    Help is a four-legged word  

    Founded in 1975, Canine Companions for Independence is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, Canine Companions is the largest non-profit provider of assistance dogs, and is recognized worldwide for the excellence of its dogs, and the quality and longevity of the matches it makes between dogs and people. The result is a life full of increased independence and loving companionship.

    Assistance dogs for US war veterans  

    With the increase in wounded veterans who could benefit from an assistance dog, we want to do more. For a veteran making a new start putting their life back together from an injury, an assistance dog can provide the help they need to regain independence.

    Canine Companions for Independence is recognized by the VA as an accredited assistance dog provider. Canine Companions and the VA help injured veterans understand the benefits an assistance dog might be able to provide them

    Canine Companions was the first assistance dog organization to be accredited by Assistance Dogs International, and has provided assistance dogs to over 5000 people with disabilities.


    America’s VetDogs Mission

    To help those who have served our country honorably live with dignity and independence.

    About Us

    America’s VetDogs® is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that serves the needs of disabled veterans from all eras who have honorably served our country. VetDogs provide guide dogs for individuals who are blind or have low vision; hearing dogs for those who have lost their hearing later in life; service dogs for those with other physical disabilities; facility dogs as part of the rehabilitation process in military and VA hospitals, and PTSD service dogs to help mitigate the effects of PTSD in an effort to provide the emotional and physical support needed.

    All of our services are provided at no cost to veterans and first responders. Our funding comes from the generous contributions of individuals, corporations, foundations, businesses, and service and fraternal clubs.

    In 2013, America's VetDogs (an affiliate of and managed by the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind) became the second assistance dog school (the Guide Dog Foundation was the first) in the United States to be certified by the International Guide Dog Federation and Assistance Dogs International.

    As part of our PTSD Service Dog training program, America’s VetDogs has partnered with Western Kentucky University to complete a three year study on the effects that PTSD service dogs will have on a veteran’s life. The study will help America’s VetDogs provide government agencies and the public with impartial evidence of the difference these dogs make for veterans, and foster understanding within their local communities of the issues faced by veterans with PTSD and how service dogs can help.



    K9s For Warriors is dedicated to providing service canines to warriors suffering from post-traumatic stress and/or traumatic brain injury as a result of military service post 9/11. Our goal is to give a new leash on life to rescue dogs and military heroes, empowering warriors to return to civilian life with dignity and independence.


    Mission statement:

    Operation Delta Dog is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to rescue shelter dogs and train them to work as service animals for local veterans who suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The dogs get the homes they need, and the veterans get the help they deserve!

    About Us:

    Operation Delta Dog works with professional trainers and behaviorists to identify the best canine candidates in shelters and breed-rescue foster homes. All participating dogs must meet strict guidelines relating to their temperament, health, and age. Once a suitable dog is found, he or she begins a 6-week intensive training period. During that period, the dog is matched with a veteran on our waiting list. If the two hit it off, they become a team and start living together and training together as soon as the initial 6-week training period is over. Training consists of multiple classes during the week (and lots of practice at home) and lasts approximately twelve to fifteen months. When training is complete, and if the dog passes a series of tests, he or she "graduates" from the program and becomes a certified service animal with all the protections afforded to its handler by the ADA.

    If you meet the criteria listed above and you are interested in applying for a service dog through Operation Delta Dog, please ask your doctor, case worker, or other service provider to contact us for an application, and we'll send it along right away.

    Service Area

    Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire

    For more information:

    Mission Statement

    Premier care package provider to US Troops in harms way. Our Warriors are on arduous deployments, we let them know America stands with them.  OTA provides care packages with the revenue generated through professional event promotions and public financial generosity.

    For more information:

    Soldiers' Angels has many wonderful programs to support our military families, deployed service members, wounded service members and veterans. Our programs are broken into categories based on the population they serve. Soldiers' Angels offers programs for wounded, deployed, families, and others. Most of our programs could not be possible without the support of the wonderful Angels who dedicate their time, money and talents, to the organization.

    Areas of support:  

    Veterans Support

    Deployed Support

    Wounded Support

    Family Support


    Prince Harry meeting wounded warriors at the INVICTUS GAMES in 2014 Photo courtesy of the Invictus Games Foundation.

    “These games have shone a spotlight on the “unconquerable” character of service man and women and their families and their “Invictus” spirit. These Games have been about seeing guys sprinting for the finish line then turning round to clap the last man in. They have been about teammates choosing to cross the line together, not wanting to come in second, but not wanting the other guys to either. These games have shown the very best of the human spirit”.

    Prince Harry

    About the Invictus Games  

    Most of us will never know the full horrors of combat. Many Servicemen and women suffer life-changing injuries, visible or otherwise, whilst serving their country. How do these men and women find the motivation to move on and not be defined by their injuries? How can they be recognized for their achievements and not given sympathy?

    Prince Harry asked these questions. On a trip to the Warrior Games in the USA in 2013 he saw how the power of sport could help physically, psychologically and socially. His mind was made up. London would host the inaugural Invictus Games, an international sporting event for wounded, injured and sick Service personnel.

    The word ‘Invictus’ means ‘unconquered’. It embodies the fighting spirit of the wounded, injured and sick service personnel and what these tenacious men and women can achieve, post injury. The Games harness the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation, and generate a wider understanding and respect for those who serve their country. Through the Games we can shine a spotlight on the sacrifices these men and women made serving their country, and their indefatigable drive to overcome.

    The inaugural Invictus Games, held in 2014, brought together over 400 wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women – both serving and veterans - from 13 nations. We want to build on the success of 2014 and broaden the concept in the future and the Invictus Games Foundation was set up to manage the process of selecting the hosts of future games and overseeing their delivery.

    The next Invictus Games will take place in Orlando from 8 – 12 May 2016.



    Established by Prince Harry in 2014, the Invictus Games are the only sporting event for ill, wounded and injured active duty and veteran service members.

    Most of us will never know the full horrors of combat. Many Servicemen and women suffer life-changing injuries, visible or otherwise, whilst serving their country. How do these men and women find the motivation to move on and not be defined by their injuries? How can they be recognized for their achievements and not given sympathy?

    Prince Harry asked these questions. On a trip to the Warrior Games in the USA in 2013 he saw how the power of sport could help physically, psychologically and socially. His mind was made up. London would host the inaugural Invictus Games, an international sporting event for wounded, injured and sick Service personnel.

    The word ‘Invictus’ means ‘unconquered’. It embodies the fighting spirit of the wounded, injured and sick service personnel and what these tenacious men and women can achieve, post injury. The Games harness the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation, and generate a wider understanding and respect for those who serve their country. Through the Games we can shine a spotlight on the sacrifices these men and women made serving their country, and their indefatigable drive to overcome.

    Following London, the second Invictus Games were held in Orlando Florida in May 2016. Five Hundred competitors from 15 countries participated. Toronto Canada will host the 2017 Invictus Games in September, 2017 with 550 competitors participating from 17 nations.


    Why Canada  

    Hosting the Games in Canada in 2017, the year the country celebrates the 150th anniversary of its confederation, will provide a unique opportunity for Canadians to commemorate and honor its ill, wounded and injured soldiers, and their families.

    The Invictus Games Toronto 2017 Legacy  

    The Invictus games Toronto 2017 mark the beginning of a legacy program to support the growth of adaptive sport programs in Canada and to further personal and professional opportunities for servicemen and women transitioning from the Canadian Armed Forces.

    The Invictus Games Toronto September 23 – 30, 2017



    His Royal Highness Prince Harry speaks at the official launch event for the Invictus Games Toronto 2017 on May 2, 2016 at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. Sitting behind Prince Harry is 2016 Team Canada who competed at the Invictus Games Orlando 2016 from May 8 to 12.Photo courtesy of Invictus Games Toronto 2017

    His Royal Highness Prince Harry and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking with 2016 Team Canada competitors Bruno Guévremont and Steven Daniel at the official launch event for the Invictus Games Toronto 2017 on May 2, 2016
    Photo courtesy of Invictus Games Toronto 2017

    His Royal Highness Prince Harry, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Mayor of Toronto John Tory, CEO of the Invictus Games Toronto 2017 Michael Burns, and Canada’s National Sledge Team at the official launch event for the Invictus Games Toronto 2017 on May 2, 2016 at Ryerson’s Mattamy Athletic Centre.Photo courtesy of Invictus Games Toronto 2017

    c2016 Team Canada competitor Steven Daniel competing in Indoor Rowing at the Invictus Games Orlando 2016.
    Photo courtesy of Invictus Games Toronto 2017

    2016 Team Canada competitor Christine Gauthier wins a gold medal along with fellow Team Canada competitor Natacha Dupuis who won a bronze medal in powerlifting at the Invictus Games Orlando 2016.
    Photo courtesy of Invictus Games Toronto 2017

    2016 Team Canada competitor Sarah Dentry-Travis wins silver in Archery at the Invictus Games Orlando 2016.
    Photo courtesy of Invictus Games Toronto 2017

    2016 Team Canada competitor Luc Martin wins silver in Archery at the Invictus Games Orlando 2016.
    Photo courtesy of Invictus Games Toronto 2017

    At the Invictus Games Sydney 2018, competitors from 18 nations will compete in ten different adaptive sports; archery, athletics, indoor rowing, powerlifting, road cycling, sailing, sitting volleyball, swimming, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby.

    An international sporting event for wounded, injured and ill veteran and active service personnel, the Invictus Games highlights the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation, and generate a wider understanding of and respect for those who serve their country. We have seen the lasting impact of the London and Orlando Games and look forward to what Sydney will bring in 2018.

    From across the street, or across the nation, the Australian character and ‘can do’ collaborative attitude unites us in success and adversity.

    This will be the INVICTUS GAMES in which the community embraces those that serve, and have served, and family and friends who support them; it will inspire the many who battle adversity into opportunity.

    The INVICTUS GAMES Sydney 2018 October 20 – 27, 2018



    Some of the Australian squad members meeting with Prince Harry at the Aquatic Centre at Sydney
    Olympic Park
    Photo courtesy of Invictus Games Sydney 2018


    The Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) empowers enlisted military veterans by providing them with a skill bridge that enables a successful transition from the battlefield to the classroom; maximizes their education opportunities by making them informed consumers of education, and increases the confidence they will need to successfully complete a rigorous four-year undergraduate program at a top-tier school.


    The Mission of the Folded Flag

    America’s freedom comes at a great cost. The Folded Flag Foundation serves to honor the legacy of and pay tribute to the bravest men and women who have given their lives in defense of our country. Our Mission is to provide scholarships and educational support grants to the spouses and children of the United States military and government personnel who died as a result of hostile action or in an accident related to U.S. combat operations*.
    Scholarships and grants are available to qualifying spouses of fallen heroes and their children under the age of 26 to help provide a pathway to success by assisting with a wide range of educational needs, from kindergarten to college/trade school.
    *This includes deaths related to injury or illness sustained in combat, as defined by the Department of Defense.

    The Incredible Need of These

  • Since 2001, over 7,000 American servicemen and women have died     while serving in combat, leaving behind thousands of spouses and     children.
  • Government assistance programs fall short in covering the total cost of     education for these surviving family members.
  • 97% of surviving spouses are women; 50% earn less than $50,000 per     year; 30% are homemakers; 13% are unemployed.
  • An average of 2 children (with an average age of 10 years old) per     household are left behind.
  • As recently as 2003, the benefit paid to eligible survivors of military personnel killed in the line of duty was a one-time benefit of only $6,000. Due to congressional action since 2003, that death benefit has been raised – first to $12,000 and then to $100,000. Despite these increases, the current death benefit is often unable to provide necessary support to the families of those who lost their lives serving their country.
    The Folded Flag Foundation was formed as a non-profit organization that relies on public donations to help supplement the current death benefits available to the dependents of United States military personnel and other government employees while deployed in combat. The Foundation is strongly committed to honoring these military fallen heroes by aiding the families with financial support for continued education.



    Since 2007, the Folds of Honor has carried forth this singular, noble mission. To close the gap, providing educational support to spouses and children of America’s fallen and wounded Soldiers.
    Our motto says it best.
    Honor Their Sacrifice. Educate Their Legacy


    Founder Major Dan Rooney
    Returning home from his second tour of duty in Iraq, major Dan Rooney, an f-16 fighter pilot in the Oklahoma air national guard, became painfully aware of the reality families face when a loved one in uniform is fallen or disabled.
    As his flight landed, the pilot announced they carried the remains of Corporal Brock Bucklin on board, asking all passengers to respectfully remain seated while his casket deboarded.
    Major Rooney watched as Corporal Bucklin’s twin brother walked somberly alongside the flag-covered casket to meet his family. Among them was the deceased Corporal’s young son, Jacob. Major Rooney ached as he thought of his own wife and little girls. Seeing the other side of war through the eyes of Jacob, was life-altering.
    Sadly, over half the passengers had disregarded the pilot’s request and deboarded. Major Rooney decided he had to do something. Not only would he pay tribute to American service-members and their families, he would live as a reminder among civilians that it is our duty to honor the sacrifices of those who preserve the freedoms we so easily take for granted.
    Major Rooney committed to spend his life changing the future of America’s grieving spouses and children. In 2007, he formed the Folds of Honor Foundation; a 501C-3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational scholarships to the families of these heroic Americans.

    The Wyakin Mission

    To serve as a conduit, connecting wounded and injured veterans to their successful and fulfilling civilian futures through education, development, and guidance.

    We achieve the mission through the following six core tenets


  • We create and encourage opportunities for Warriors to foster active     and mutually beneficial relationships throughout the community as     individuals and ambassadors of the Wyakin program.
  • Professional Development

  • We collaborate to develop individualized plans to address each     Warrior’s goals and developmental needs.

  • We provide professional and personal development content that is     both substantive and motivational in a format that engages Warriors     in thought and action.
  • Mentorship

  • We provide community mentors that engage, challenge, and support     the Warriors, and reinforce the concepts, obligations, and benefits     associated with the Wyakin program.

  • We provide professional mentors with the capacity and desire to have     a direct impact on the fulfillment of each Warrior’s career potential.
  • Educational Stipend

  • We afford Warriors the opportunity to earn a stable and equitable     stipend towards alleviating personal financial challenges as an     obstacle to success.
  • Community Impact

  • We avail Warriors to the full benefits associated with conceptualizing     and executing a robust community service project through well-     defined parameters governing the timing, scope and impact of the     project.
  • Wyakin For Life

  • We maintain an ongoing annual dialogue with Wyakin alumni; monitor     progress and engage them in the Wyakin mission.
  • www.wyakin.org

    The Code of Support Foundation (COSF) provides essential and critical one-on-one assistance to those struggling service members, veterans and their families (SMVF) who have the most complex needs. We are dedicated to leveraging the nation's full spectrum of resources to ensure all members of our military, veterans and their families receive the support services they need and, through their collective sacrifice, have earned.
    Here are the things that COSF can assist with:

  • Benefits
  • Caregiver Support
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Financial Assistance
  • Financial Counseling
  • Homelessness
  • Housing
  • Legal
  • Mental Health
  • Military/Veteran Children
  • Peer Support
  • Recreation
  • Resource Navigation
  • Retreat
  • Transportation
  • Wellness
  • www.codeofsupport.org

    At Still Serving Veterans we are passionate about helping Veterans and their families receive all the benefits and services they have earned, connecting them to other vital Veteran support resources within their community, and significantly expanding their career opportunities. We accomplish these goals through empowerment and expert, caring case management; education assistance and training; and by engaging the community to serve alongside us and our Veterans.

    Thanks to our wonderful donors and partners, Still Serving Veterans has been honored to significantly help our hero Veterans and their families in Alabama and beyond. Since 2007, SSV has served over 16,000 Veterans and secured over $202 million in cumulative new benefits, services, and salaries for our Veteran clients…. at no charge to our client.  We have earned national recognition as a center of excellence for Veteran job placement and reintegration, won a national “Seal of Distinction" Award from the Call of Duty Endowment for effective and efficient Veteran employment assistance, were awarded the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics, and were a finalist in the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards for Nonprofits.
    Still Serving Veterans could not have helped so many Veterans without our patriotic, caring supporters. Our hero Veterans and their families need our help more than ever: over half of America’s Veterans do not know about the services and benefits that are available to them, and with 22 million total American Veterans and a million of those Veterans unemployed – communities must come together and take action. We look forward to your support as we strive together to optimize life-changing reintegration for as many Veterans as possible. We owe our hero warriors and their families the best we can give them.
    William Webb
    Colonel, USA, Retired


    Red Circle Foundation was established in 2012 by former US Navy SEAL Brandon Webb, author of the New York Times Best Seller, The Red Circle.

    Our Mission: Red Circle Foundation provides quick response gap funding and scholarships in support of Special Operations warriors, children and families of the fallen.

    There are a lot of great charities that serve the Special Operations community; however most take weeks to months before funds can be deployed to help people in need. This where red Circle Foundation comes in. We can act immediately to bridge this funding gap.

    Our Vision  
    The Red Circle Foundation believes that a strong family unit is paramount in maintaining the mental and physical strength U.S. Special Operations Forces need to carry out their missions overseas. The Red Circle Foundation will create awareness in households across North America to the heroic sacrifices of the Special Operations community and their families.


    The Special Operations Warrior Foundation ensures full financial assistance for a post-secondary degree from accredited two or four-year college, university, technical and trade school; and offers family and educational counseling including in-home tutoring, to the surviving children of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel who lose their lives in the line of duty.

    The Special Operations Warrior Foundation also provides immediate financial assistance to severely wounded and hospitalized special operations personnel. This $5,000 grant is sent to service members (or his or hers designated recipient) so the family and loved ones can travel to be at their bedside.


    Our Mission  
    The Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund is a charitable trust that seeks to honor Massachusetts Fallen Servicemen and Women who were killed while deployed on Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, by providing educational assistance grants to their Children.

    Children qualify if their parents in the military died in either Operation Enduring or Iraqi Freedom and whose death was credited to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There is no selection process. If the child is a son or daughter of a serviceman or Woman whose service is credited to Massachusetts and gave his/her life in Operation Enduring or Iraqi Freedom, that child then qualifies for funds. To date over 100 Service members from Massachusetts have been killed. Of those casualties, 49 were parents who left behind a total of 80 children, ranging in age from newborns to twenty-seven years of age. All of these children are now eligible to receive funding through the MSLF program.


    The Mission  
    SERKET RACING is a Porsche GT3 Cup team in the IMSA race series. But more than a racing team, we are a mission to confront America’s veteran crisis head on by raising awareness and direct financial resources through the thrilling sport of car racing. Working with more than two dozen sponsors and partners, Serket provides veterans with the resources they need to cross the finish lines, whether in education, financial aid or health and wellness.

    About Serket  

    The SERKET RACING team was created in 2012 to help veterans across America. Founder Mark Liano, a 5-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps and avid racing fan, saw an immediate parallel between the adrenaline of a warrior and the thrill of the racetrack. Knowing first-hand the struggles our veterans face today, Llano created Serket to change the lives of our U.S. veterans and their families with every race and every win.

    From its creation, the Serket team found success in both the racing industry and the veteran community. In its first season alone, Serket donated to over 11 veteran organizations and ended the season with a standing ovation from fellow competitors and fans, showing the admiration Serket had gained in the racing industry. 2014 was no different. Serket had 4 top 10 podium finishes and placed fifth in overall standings. And on the veteran side, the team worked with sponsors such as Kaplan University and Wells Fargo to issue more than 250 educational scholarships, donate three homes to struggling veterans, and give away thousands of dollars in the struggle to solve America’s veteran crises.

    Veterans Program

    Our Program Mission  

    Make Illinois the best state for veterans and military families to thrive.

    Our Approach  

    More than 2.4 million men and women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan where they fought in some of the world's most dangerous conditions. These new veterans coupled with the larger veteran population represents 7% of the total population of the U.S. While veterans' needs are multifaceted and complex, our nation's support should be built upon the belief that veterans represent a unique demographic that can be utilized for local and national success.

    The Robert R. McCormick Foundation recognizes that as a country we need to respond and provide support to veterans and their families. We do this to honor their service and sacrifices, and to enable them to make a successful transition back into their communities and former lives. Today, veterans are faced with a new set of challenges making reintegration seem impossible.

    Our investments focus both on organizations that are providing direct services to our veterans and families, as well as organizations that are innovatively building systems and strengthening networks to help veterans succeed. The true sign of success for all veterans is their ability to contribute to and be viewed as assets in our communities.

    Our Goals  

    To help veterans identify their full potential, the Veterans Program focuses on three key areas:

  • Invest in employment programs which focus on creating pipelines into careers while integrating supportive services that mitigate barriers to employment faced by veterans
  • Identify and invest in behavioral health programs that address gaps in services that limit a veteran's ability to successfully reintegrate
  • Facilitate the collaboration and coordination of services so that veterans are able to navigate existing resources successfully
  • http://mccormickfoundation.org/veterans

    Our mission is to ensure that it's possible for veterans and military families to live their lives to the fullest in every community. We work to break down barriers, engage organizations and communities, and connect veterans and military families with what they need for meaningful employment, education and overall wellness. Our grassroots outreach – through 74 local affiliates in communities nationwide– provide unmatched, accessible, and indispensable resources and support for veterans and military families.

    Our work in action

  • Advocacy & Education
  • Employment Programs and Job Training
  • Military and veterans Caregiver Services
  • Veteran Community Services & Support
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • www.eastersealsdixoncenter.org.


    Hire Heroes USA empowers U.S. military members, veterans and spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce. As a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Hire Heroes USA’s services are provided at no cost to the veteran.


    Be the nation’s preferred veteran employment service organization through a relentless focus on personalized career coaching that improves clients’ quality of life and strengthens the U.S. economy.

    “Transforming Military Service into Civilian Success”

    Headquartered near Atlanta in Alpharetta, Georgia, with six additional branch offices across the country, Hire Heroes USA is recognized as a best-in-class veteran service organization by the George W. Bush Institute, the Call of Duty Endowment, and the USO. Our team of former military and business professionals effectively trains veterans in the skills of self-marketing. Each client is individually partnered with a highly-trained Transition Specialist who works with them to: translate their military experience into civilian terminology; create a tailored civilian resume that highlights those skills and achievements; and, learn effective job search, networking and interviewing techniques. The Transition Specialist then supports the client’s career search until they find a good job with a great company. This personal approach is the hallmark of our program. Our signature services also include mock interviews and group workshops.

    “Registering for Services

    If you are transitioning military member, veteran or military spouse that would be interested in Hire Heroes USA’s free, personalized services, please register at: www.hireheroesusa.org

    Career Readiness For Veterans And Their Families


    The Core of Our Program

    We started The Welcome Home Group in 2012 with one core service, the INTERACTIVE RESUME. Developed on the premise that if we can take the standard paper resume to a new level utilizing today's technology, we could create higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness for both the companies that hire veterans, as well as the veterans and their families. We were able to successfully develop a web-based solution that is accessible from anyone anywhere with an internet connection. Each INTERACTIVE RESUME reflects the individual in a way that a paper resume just can't. Through the placement of interactive elements such as pictures, audio, downloadable content and hyperlinks, we have created a new, cutting edge method for employers and veterans to better interact with each other. Click on "INTERACTIVE RESUME" below to find out more.



    Veterans Inc.’s mission is to help veterans re-gain control of their lives so we can eliminate homelessness among veterans. In many cases, Veterans Inc. actually saves lives, as our clients tell us time and again. We aim to remain a leading provider of services that improve the lives of veterans and their families by providing the highest quality services; and continuing to create new opportunities in the areas of health, employment and housing.


    Veterans Inc. operates according to the philosophy that veterans have earned the respect and gratitude of our nation and that in return, Veterans Inc. shall provide them with whatever services are needed. Our philosophy is summed up with the phrase: 


    Veterans Inc. pledges the total commitment of its resources to veterans and their families, by providing:

  • Direct services or referral to all veterans and/or their families who     request assistance
  • Emergency assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • A tireless effort to find housing, both transitional and permanent,to     homeless veterans and those at risk of being homeless
  • Job enhancement skills, job search skills and individually advanced     training for improved employment opportunities
  • Advocacy on a local, state and national level to help address the     needs of the veteran population
  • Reminders to our country’s civilian members of the sacrifices that     veterans have made so that all could live free.
  • www.veteransinc.org

    Luke’s Wings is an organization dedicated to the support of service members who have been wounded in battle.  Recognizing the immediate need for families to be with their loved ones at such a difficult time, Luke’s Wings provides families with the means to visit during the service member’s hospitalization and rehabilitation.  By purchasing travel agency services and travel tickets for loved ones, Luke’s Wings provides an immediate and invaluable service to the families of our men and women at arms while also helping to encourage and motivate the service member’s recovery.

    In 2011, Luke’s Wings expanded the mission to also include Veterans in Hospice Care. As such; a Veteran in Hospice Care may be surrounded by loved ones as they pass away. Today, the majority of requests are for World War II Veterans, Korean War Veterans, and Vietnam War Veterans in elderly care facilities or long term inpatient care facilities. Luke’s Wings regards the Veterans in Hospice Care Program as a “final salute” to the greatest generation that ever lived.


    Project Sanctuary takes military families from battle ready to family ready. A Colorado-based501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, Project Sanctuary started in September 2007 after founder Heather Ehle discovered no organization was helping military families as a whole. Led by veterans and her board of directors, Heather carefully listened to what the military families needed and then structured Project Sanctuary’s programs to meet those needs, pulling from her background as a Registered Nurse to establish an evidence-based program that encompasses spiritual, physical and emotional healing. Project Sanctuary provides six-day therapeutic retreats, enabling military families to reconnect and reintegrate into their communities through education, innovative services, supportive follow through…and FUN!


    Serving Wounded Heroes and Their Families

    Our Mission  

    The mission of Operation First Response, Inc (OFR) is to serve all branches of our nation’s Wounded Heroes/Disabled Veterans and their families with personal and financial needs. Services are provided from the onset of injuries or illness, throughout their recovery period and along their journey from military life to the civilian world. Financial aid varies as each case is based on individual needs ranging from rent, utilities, vehicle payments, groceries, clothing, and travel expenses.



    The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes was established in 2004 to provide severely wounded veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and their families, with emergency financial assistance and other support services to help them recover from their injuries and rebuild their lives.

    The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, non-partisan organization with a  gold rating on Guidestar Gives and an active participant within the Combined Federal Campaign. (Since it’s inception, the Coalition has provided more than $30 Million in emergency financial aid and support our veterans.  All funds needed to develop and manage programs that advance its mission come from contributions to the Coalition by individual citizens, corporate donors and foundations.


    Veterans Matter is an innovative cloud-based rapid response system – partnered with the VA’s Homeless Veterans program (HUD/VASH) – which allows the homeless veteran to get housed in literally minutes rather than the 30 to 60 days normally required to obtain the deposit.

    We exclusively help currently homeless veterans and veteran families who quality for the VA HUD/VASH housing voucher program who have found a house or apartment, and are ready to cross the threshold into a home of their own and begin the rebuilding process.

    Veterans Matters operates in any area we have adequate funding and HUD/VASH housing vouchers are available. We currently operate in 16 states and Washington DC.


    Transitional Housing and Supportive Services for Homeless Veterans

    Soldier On  
    Soldier On provides three housing locations: a 165 bed shelter leased from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Leeds, MA; a 71-bed transitional living facility in Pittsfield, MA, and the first of its kind, award winning 39 unit housing cooperative Gordon H. Mansfield Veterans Community in Pittsfield, MA. The treatment program is focused on building social skills, creating an enhanced sense of togetherness and providing motivation for residents to spend their free time serving others instead of themselves. A wide variety of treatment groups range from Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to computer technology and current events. Soldier On employs a full time psychologist who focuses on the chronically mentally ill and veterans with dual diagnosis. Furthermore each veteran is assigned a case manager to assist in attaining necessary services and developing an individual service plan that addresses the veteran’s needs and goals. The Soldier On employment program includes financial awareness classes, specialized service for incarcerated veterans, financial assistance for training and education, resume building, interview preparation and job fairs. We provide our veterans with transportation to and from appointments and services that are not offered where they live. We also provide Outreach Services in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Mississippi.   www.WeSoldierOn.org


    VETMotorsports is an award-winning, non-clinical outreach program that honors and empowers injured warfighters through active participation in motorsports. The organization works with top-flight professional racing teams to embed qualifying veterans into unique motorsports experiences and facilitate events that put them behind the wheel to race. These experiences provide direction and empowerment, as well as the kind of adrenalin rush, vitality and teamwork that exemplify active duty. The program focuses on ability and moving forward rather than disability and what’s happened in the past. How to Qualify: Post 9/11 deployment with a service connected injury. Upon request provide your DD214 with your personal information removed (SS, phone address). A Veterans Administration letter with your claim with your personal information removed (SS, phone address).


    What We Do

    The Mission Continues empowers veterans who are adjusting to life at home to find purpose through community impact. We deploy veterans on new missions in their communities, so that their actions will inspire future generations to serve. Since our founding, we have always been a nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to bringing together veterans and innovative community organizations to create transformational change for communities in need all across the country. Our operations in cities nationwide deploy veteran volunteers alongside non-profit partners and community leaders to solve some of the most challenging issues facing our communities: improving community education resources, eliminating food deserts, mentoring at-risk youth and more. Through this unique model, veterans build new skills and networks that help them successfully reintegrate to life after the military while making long-term, sustainable transformations in communities and inspiring future generations to serve.

    One Mind is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are dedicated to benefiting all affected by brain illness and injury through fostering fundamental changes that will radically accelerate the development and implementation of improved diagnostics, treatments and cures — while eliminating the stigma that comes with mental illness.

    The mission of One Mind is to alleviate human suffering from the diseases of the brain by funding scientific research into the causes, prevention, and new treatments leading to cures for brain disease and injury. 

    Our mission is fueled by our belief in open science principles and creating global public-private partnerships among governmental, corporate, scientific and philanthropic communities. 

    Creating a fast track for treatments and cures

    Our programs have been created to greatly accelerate the discovery of better diagnostics, treatments and cures. Our current focus is on a new approach to diagnose, treat and cure post-traumatic stress (PTS) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). 

    One Mind’s major programs include:

  • One Mind Portal – An open science interactive data exchange portal for brain disease and brain injury.
  • Gemini – A pilot program created to demonstrate that large research studies in concert with our Open Science principles will greatly accelerate the discovery of better diagnostics, treatments and cures for diseases and injuries of the brain.
  • Next step: solutions for all brain illnesses

    We believe that the data sharing principles, collaborative structures and technology solutions that we are developing in our PTS and TBI programs will also be useful to researchers studying related illnesses — including depression, Parkinson’s, ALS, dementia, Alzheimer’s and addiction.


    Mission Statement  

    We are patriotic citizens committed to serving our wounded, injured and ill combat veterans. We support Veterans and their families by building relationships and identifying and supporting immediate needs and interests. We are dedicated to promoting public awareness of the many sacrifices made by our Armed Forces.


  • Internship
  • Counseling
  • Operation NPLB (No Person left Behind)
  • Support and Assistance
  • Retreats
  • Day Trips
  • Hospital Visits
  • Resources
  • www.OperationSecondChance.org



    Elder Hart is the 501C3 behind Mission 22. It is comprised of Delta Force and Special Forces operators Tom Spooner, Magnus Johnson, and Mike Kissel. Because of their personal battles with PTSD and TBI they have made it their mission to raise awareness, enlist support, and end veteran suicide in America.

    The Problem  

    Today 22 veterans will be lost to suicide. In fact, EVERY DAY 22 veterans are lost to suicide in the US. That makes the war at home more dangerous than all of our combat missions around the world. That’s why we created Mission 22, a campaign aimed to raise awareness of this shattering statistic and help save the 22 we’re losing each and every day. We’re inviting people around the country to post their own 22 and give hope to veterans in need.


    Mission 22 has three major programs. National awareness for the issues veterans are facing today, large scale public art to honor veterans and funding veterans to receive treatment for Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury and other issues they may be facing through our many partner organizations.

    There are memorials dedicated to the fallen warriors of nearly every major conflict in our country’s history. They remind us of the sacrifice, they honor those we’ve lost, and they tie civilian to soldier. But there is no national monument for those who have fallen in the war against Veteran suicide.

    With your support, we’re going to build one. Let’s raise a monument—and awareness. We’ll be working with community leaders in locations like Washington DC and New York City to create a permanent exhibit to pay tribute to those we have lost here at home.


    The last year our goals for awareness have not only been met but far surpassed what we could have even hoped for. The Mission 22 campaign has brought veteran issues to millions of people so that they too can make a difference. Awareness precedes change and without it we can not heal our nation.


    The monument construction has begun. We will be honoring 20 veterans who lost their life here at home after serving our country abroad. Please see the Memorial page for photos and to follow progress of the monument. At the location the monument is being built we also have a healing art shop where veterans can come and create metal art while they focus on healing. For more info on the memorial please click here.


    We have partnered with other great organizations that offer amazing services to veterans as well as doctors and treatment facilities across the country. The VA is a great resource but they are understaffed and underfunded. With your help we can get our veterans the help they need now, without the wait. Our partner organizations specialize in Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, substance abuse and all of the issues veterans are facing today. To see some of the great organizations we have partnered with click here.

    About Us  


    Magnus is an eight-year army veterans, and a former Green Beret. He completed three combat tours, two in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. While serving he dealt with Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and Unexploded Ordinance, which earned him a Bronze Star at the end of his final tour. Magnus learned of the staggering veteran suicide rate shortly after a friend that he served with became lost to this epidemic. Being compelled to take action and not be a bystander, the idea of large scale public art as a collaboration between veteran and civilian became the hub of a working solution. From this idea Mission 22 was created as a way for veterans and their communities to work together and grew into what it is today.


    Mike was an active duty Green Beret and still is serving his country in the National Guard. In the military Mike was and is still responsible for all levels of security including large bases in a combat zone. He also trains foreign military services. Mike and Magnus served on the same Operation Detachment Alpha (Special Forces team) and developed a close working relationship, which continues to this day. Mike has been with Mission 22 since its inception and is a founder as well as a member of the Board. He travels the country speaking about Mission 22 and advocating for the cause as well working on Mission 22's large scale public memorials.


    Brad Hubbard

    Brad served as an Infantryman in the Indiana National Guard. He deployed once to Iraq in 2003-2004. After his service he worked from manufacturing to Technical Support at Helmer Scientific (a blood bank company) while going to school and earning his degree in Applied Science in Business Administration with a focus on management. After earning his degree he moved into a field engineering position with Siemens Healthcare with a focus on chemistry. He is currently still working at Siemens Healthcare as an Engineering consultant for North and South America in chemistry. Brad’s passion is serving others as others have served him with dealing with PTSD. 


    Infinite Hero Foundation combats the most difficult front line issues - mental and physical - facing military heroes and their families.

    Infinite Hero Foundation funds programs that drive innovation and accessibility of effective treatments for military heroes and their families dealing with service related mental and physical injuries.

    Since its inception in 2012, Infinite Hero Foundation has awarded more than $3 million dollars in funding and support to seventeen different veteran service organizations offering innovative and effective programs or treatments for service-related mental and physical injuries. Infinite

    We see IHF as an investment fund for nonprofit entities pushing the envelope on developing effective treatments for heroes’ service-related mental and physical injuries

    We invest in and partner with like-minded organizations that create cutting edge technologies, methods, practices, or products which advance the front lines of combat against the mental and/or physical challenges faced by military heroes and their families

    The return on investment we seek is not financial, but societal, benefiting Service Members of all branches, Veterans and their families dealing with service-related mental and physical injuries.



  • Mission Statement
  • To offer hope and achieve positive outcomes for those      suffering from degeneration and injury of the brain and central      nervous system by providing customized treatment programs      that increase integrity in the biomechanical and      musculoskeletal systems leading to improved quality of life for      our patients.
  • Vision Statement
  • A world with relief for those who suffer from head-related      injuries, neurological disorders, and biomechanical conditions. 
  • About Cerebrum Health Centers

    Cerebrum Health Centers is a leading integrative medicine facility for brain health management and rehabilitation of the biomechanical and musculoskeletal systems operating in Dallas and Atlanta. By combining comprehensive and research-based patient examinations, Cerebrum Health Centers provides holistic, innovative and individualized patient treatment programs. The goal of Cerebrum’s diverse specialized and multidisciplinary staff is to achieve positive outcomes by increasing biomechanical and musculoskeletal function and integrity, with the goal of improving the quality of life for patients suffering from degeneration and injury of the brain and central nervous system. 


    About Boot Campaign:

    Established in 2009, the Boot Campaign is a national 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to promoting patriotism for America and our military community; raising awareness of the unique challenges service members face during and post-service; and providing assistance to military personnel, past and present, and their families. Retail sales of combat boots, apparel and mission-focused merchandise, general public donations and corporate sponsorships fund programs that support military families. These efforts extend to all generations of military personnel who endure significant physical, emotional and circumstantial hardships resulting from their service and sacrifice.




    Through local chapters across the U.S., Bunker Labs provides educational programming, access to resources, and a thriving local network to help military veterans and their spouse start and grow businesses.

    We work to inspire, Educate, and Connect veterans with the right resources and people locally to be successful, while also providing national tools and resources like: “Bunker in a Box” or our “Community Mobile App” to support aspiring entrepreneurs where ever they may currently live or be stationed.


    To equip America's returning veterans with the tools they need to start a business or pursue career education.

    Work vessels for Veterans (WVFV) matches corporate and individual donations of equipment, electronics, vehicles, vessels, tools and materials with returning vets ready to start their own business.

    How We Help

    First, we find the veteran who is making that transition from combat to career, has identified their path, and set goals or needs to make the move to self-employment.

    Second, WVFV identifies our resources to meet that need. Working with a broad range of partners, organizations, corporations, other charities and individuals, we match available resources with the veterans' needs. These resources could be equipment, electronics, vehicles, vessels, tools and materials.

    WVFV has alliances with organizations including Wounded Warrior Foundation, TAASC, the Red Cross, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, AMVETS, and state and local VA and Labor Departments to seek heroes in need of our services. Corporate partners include The Aetna Corporation, Boeing Aerospace, Home Depot Foundation, Sparta Systems, Noank Shipyard, Stanley Tools, Green Technology Recycling, Computer Systems and Solutions, Valenti Auto Mall, and many others.

    Active Heroes’ mission is to strengthen active duty military, veterans and their families in order to provide the coping skills to manage the stress and the triggering points that lead to suicide.

    Active Heroes is dedicated to connecting and helping America’s military families through physical and mental therapy, home repairs and community outreach, financial assistance and community reintegration to halt the triggering points and stress associated with “hard times” that lead to suicide

    Active Heroes Retreat  

    The Active Heroes Retreat Center is the first retreat in America designed by military families to help military families heal. The retreat center is located in Shepherdsville, KY and open to military families free of charge. The retreat will help with post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide prevention by teaching veterans and their families to heal through physical therapy activities and mental therapy classes. Visitors also can schedule a day to visit the grounds during hours of staffing, schedule a cabin vacation or sign up with selected camping dates with cookouts.

    Community Outreach/ Veteran Home Repairs  

    Active Heroes helps military families by providing community outreach, volunteer projects and home repairs for military families. Our Community outreach additionally educates the public of the challenges and needs of veterans and their families.

    Wounded Veteran Lifetime Funds  
    At the beginning of each year, Active Heroes selects several wounded veterans to support t with an annual endowment fund. Wounded veterans are more likely to need assistance to halt the triggering point and stress associated with “hard times” that lead to suicide. Active Heroes chooses a select few wounded veterans and creates an endowment to pays bills directly or complete home repairs. Many wounded veterans struggle to fix their homes, that’s where our Wounded Veteran Lifetime Funds program helps the most.

    About Us  

    The General's Kids, L.L.C. was designed for our nation's little warriors. Whether they are infants or teenagers, facing the life-changing injury or illness of a parent leaves a lasting impression. There are so many wonderful organizations out there that benefit wounded warriors and their families, and children often benefit from these. But at The General's Kids we are proud to focus 100% on the children and young siblings of the wounded, ill, and injured. We can help connect children and teenagers of various ages with others across the country who are going through similar struggles, provide sponsors who will send encouraging cards or care packages, and will soon be able to offer financial assistance for things like special interests or school funding. Children living the Wounded Warrior life are faced with a harsh sense of reality. We intend to help bring back some of the things that help comfort and lighten these kids' hearts. Our goals are big and extend all the way up to wanting to fund Disney vacations and college scholarships. Our belief is that whether there are 10,000 wounded warrior kids or just one, each and every one is a priority and deserves to have their sacrifice for our freedom acknowledged. Learn more about how you can help here.

    Mission Statement  

    Our Military Kids, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, supports children, ages 5-12th grade, of deployed National Guard and Reserve service members and children of wounded warriors from all service branches. Grants pay for participation in activities that help children cope with stress and anxiety while their parents are recovering or absent.

    Our Programs  

    Our Military Kids Provides Grants That Allow Kids To Choose Activates They Enjoy

    Our Military Kids grants pay fees for athletic, fine arts, and tutoring programs. Events that are not eligible include child care, school tuition, and religious trips.

    Our Impact  

    Providing Support & recognition to Military Children  

    Since its founding in 2004, Our Military Kids has given out nearly $23.5 million, through 60,000+ grants, to military children in all U.S. states and territories.

    Annual surveys consistently show nearly 100% of grant recipient families are satisfied with our programs. Children’s mental health and academic performance improve. Respondents also note improvements in family well-being, service member morale, and veteran recovery time

    Our Military Kids is currently gathering more data to determine long-term impacts for grant recipients and their families.

    Our History  

    In 2004 Our Founders Had A Lofty Idea To Support Families Of Our Deployed National Guard And Reserves Personnel

    In early 2005, we started small, with a pilot program focused on a National Guard unit from Winchester, Va. The pilot program was extremely successful, and we expanded to help all deployed Reserve and National Guard families living throughout Virginia.

    Calls from deploying citizen soldiers were sometimes heart-breaking. Feeling the need to help more children cope with the challenges brought on by lengthy separations, we began covering families living in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

    In 2006,  Our Military Kids expanded its program once again, this time to include children of both active and reserve/guard wounded and fallen warriors, whose families were struggling to deal with financial and emotional hardships.

    Today, Our Military Kids, is a national organization. With the help of generous donors and volunteers, we have empowered more than 44,000 children.

    United Heroes League Programs for Military kids

    United Heroes League is a nonprofit dedicated to keeping military kids healthy and active while their parents serve our country. United Heroes League (501(c)(3) has provided over $3 MILLION worth of free sports equipment, game tickets, financial grants, and skill development camps to military families across the US & Canada. To date, we have helped over 40,000 military families keep or start their kids in sports. We accomplish this goal through four main pillars of giving described below.


    Through our NHL, MLB, MLS and NBA team and player partners, United Heroes League has sent thousands of military families to pro and college games for free, nationwide. Special thanks to the 30 professional teams for making this possible.  Additionally, pro player Brent Burns provides a luxury suite at every Sharks home game dubbed “Burnzie’s Battalion”. Through this generosity, and the generosity of others, over 7,000 military personnel have been sent to an NHL game for free so far.


    We are proud to distribute gear for a variety of sports to ensure military kids are healthy and active.  The NHLPA Goals and Dreams Foundation has donated $300,000 worth of new hockey equipment for our cause. Many other sponsors and individuals have also donated baseball, basketball and soccer equipment. With it, United Heroes League has been able to outfit thousands of military kids with top of the line gear. For example, in hockey, skater equipment is available for children ages 4 and up.  Families request the gear in person at our Hastings, MN headquarters or through our website, sign for it, and when it is outgrown they return to be sterilized and re-issued.


    United Heroes League has sent over 2,000 kids to some of the finest camps available across the nation. Through the generosity of Robby Glantz, Carroll Goalie School, the Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Twins, Minnesota FC United,  MN Vikings, Rink Rat 19, Cathy’s Power Skating, and many others, military kids are given a chance to improve their sports skills at no charge.


    United Heroes League has paid over $300,000 in grants to help with local hockey association fees. As we move into other sports, we expect this number to increase dramatically. Many service members are in a “Reserve” status until they are deployed, and this is a great way for United Heroes League to say thank you to the families who give us so much.

    To request tickets, equipment, grants or view our camps go to our web site at:

    or call us at:


    In addition to saying "Thank You" to our Wounded Warriors by taking them on these hunts, we have another focus. That is to reconnect these individuals with what they loved doing prior to their injury and also to introduce the sport of hunting to those that have never experienced it. There is nothing better than sitting in a blind with an individual that has never hunted and watching him harvest his first deer. Additionally it is a time to remind those who have hunted and teach those who have not hunted that they can have fun holding a weapon. A weapon or rifle does not have to only be a tool of war, but also a tool for sport.

    Most importantly, we want to provide an atmosphere where these guys can feel comfortable, where they can share things that they cannot normally talk about with family. Each warrior has been through something traumatic, war is not fun and because of that PTSD is seen more and more with our returning veterans. Sometimes this is not even seen for years after their return. By providing a "safe" place to talk, a place where nobody judges you and the people you are talking to have been through the same or something similar, it allows healing. I recently had a warrior tell me "I have ghost that live with me daily, but this weekend is the first time in years that they stayed away. I have slept all night for 2 nights…" This is the healing that we want to help to provide.


    Founded February 2009,Hunts for Healing was created to establish a fund to sponsor wounded soldiers returning from military missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and veterans who have successfully completed a mental and physical evaluation; allowing them to participate in outdoor programs including, but not limited to, hunter safety, clay target shooting, pheasant, upland and small game hunting, fishing and camping.

    Hunts for Healing events take place primarily in Northeastern Pennsylvania, but in the future may extend beyond our state borders. Our mission and field of interest are to create an atmosphere that promotes challenges in the outdoors and healing from within.

    With the assistance of volunteer guides, mentors and trained field dogs, the experiences Hunts for Healing provides aides in the physical, emotional and spiritual healing, as well as, providing social interaction that allows the soldiers to transition back into their daily lives.

    Your tax deductible contributions provides HFH the ability to pay for lodging, meals, hunting gear and clothing, fishing equipment, licenses, targets, ammo, safety gear, transportation expenses, and other items necessary to provide a safe and successful event.The Hunts for Healing

    Heroes on the Water‘s mission is to help warriors to relax, rehabilitate, and reintegrate into society through kayak fishing and the outdoors.

    About HOW  
    Heroes on the Water helps our Nation’s warriors and veterans from all branches of the United States military unwind using the therapeutic qualities of fishing from kayaks. What looks like a day trip of paddling and fishing is in fact something much deeper and long-lasting. Founded in 2007, our unique kayak fishing program allows the participants a chance to decompress from the stresses associated with combat and the physical rigors of rehabilitation. Warriors enjoy these benefits while on guided fishing trips held in local communities around the country. Participants receive basic kayak fishing and paddling instruction, angling clinics and paddling classes for participants with skill sets ranging from beginners to the most experienced paddlers.

    Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation (WQW) was established in 2007 to be a catalyst for positive change in post-9/11 combat veterans through the experience of fly fishing in Southwest Montana. In its 10 year history the organization has served more than 550 warriors from around the country and some of their spouses.

    The History  
    Retired Marine Colonel Eric Hastings remembers flight missions “high above the absolute death and destruction on the ground” during his tours in Vietnam. From the cockpit, he traced meandering ribbons that cut through the jungle and reminded him of the trout streams of home. At night, he dreamed of fly fishing. When he returned to Montana in 1969, to a nation decades from diagnosing Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), he went straight to the water. He tied a fly to a line and cast. The river, he claims, healed him. Hastings and Dr. Volney Steele found they shared a vision of bringing warriors with both seen and unseen wounds from recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to Montana to find the peace and hope they mutually found through fishing. In July and September of 2007, Hastings, Steele, and dozens of other dedicated volunteers brought Warriors and Quite Waters Foundation’s first two groups of traumatically injured combat veterans to Bozeman. Along with a welcome break from surgeries, rehab therapy, doctors, and hospital routines, the 14 Soldiers, Marines and sailors from the Naval Medical Center in San Diego were top of the line fishing gear, float trips on blue ribbon waters and fly fishing instructions from world-class professional guides; delicious home cooked meals by loving “moms”, and comfortable accommodations in beautiful surrounding. The less tangible yet more meaningful benefits they reported receiving were feelings of security, serenity, resilience, hope and camaraderie that formed positive memories and will last a life time. The group knew they had a model that worked incredibly well, and began planning for 2008 and beyond. Although not a religious organization, Warriors and Quite Waters name was inspired by Psalm 23, “He leads me beside quite waters, He restores my soul”.

    Fisher House Foundation is best known for a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment.

    These homes are located at major military and VA medical centers nationwide, close to the medical center or hospital they serve. Fisher Houses have up to 21 suites, with private bedrooms and baths. Families share a common kitchen, laundry facilities, a warm dining room and an inviting living room. Fisher House Foundation ensures that there is never a lodging fee. Since inception, the program has saved military and veterans’ families an estimated $320 million in out of pocket costs for lodging and transportation.

    Fisher House Foundation also operates the Hero Miles program, using donated frequent flyer miles to bring family members to the bedside of injured service members as well as the Hotels for Heroes program using donated hotel points to allow family members to stay at hotels near medical centers without charge. The Foundation also manages a grant program that supports other military charities and scholarship funds for military children, spouses and children of fallen and disabled veterans

    By the Numbers

  • 70Houses in operation
  • 277,000Families served since 1990
  • $320 million +In savings to families since 1990
  • 6 million +Days of lodging
  • Download Fact Sheet

  • Families served: More than 27,000 in 2015
  • Daily capacity: 931 families
  • Families served: More than 277,000 since inception
  • Number of lodging days offered: Over 6 million
  • 7,000 students have received $11,000,000 in scholarship awards
  • Over 58,000  airline tickets provided by Hero Miles to service members and their families, worth nearly $88 million
  • www.fisherhouse.org


    Tribute To The Troops is an organization of grateful Americans dedicated to preserving the memory of those men and women of our nation’s military who lost their lives while bravely protecting our freedom. It is in their memory that we honor and convey our heartfelt gratitude to family and friends left behind and extend our sincere appreciation to all veterans who have served, whether in war or in peace.

    ABOUT US  

    Tribute To The Troops® began in Minnesota in 2004, inspired by a video featuring the song "Home" by country singer Rockie Lynne. The video features pictures of our fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms early on in the War on Terror. With inspiration from the video, a small group of patriotic Minnesotans joined together to visit three families in the Twin Cities area who had lost a loved one during the War On Terror. With the prior permission of each family, over 60 people on 45 motorcycles paraded to each family home to conveying their thanks to family members and to let them know that their loss, and the sacrifice made by their loved one, will never be forgotten. The day was filled with hugs, tears, and warm smiles as each person attending was able to personally acknowledge each family’s loss. That fall day in 2004 marked the beginning of Tribute To The Troops®. The dedication and support of many volunteers and participants over the years has enabled this organization to grow and to continue its important Mission.

    In 2010, Tribute To The Troops® extended beyond Minnesota into Oregon and Illinois, helping groups in those states conduct a similar rides to honor our fallen heroes and their families. Both inaugural rides were a tremendous success and managed to generate greater awareness for the sacrifices made by

    these heroes and their families, and to cultivate enthusiasm among participants to continue with the very important Mission of this organization. We invite you to join us in Minnesota, Illinois, North Carolina or Oregon. If you are interested in learning more about forming a chapter in your state, please

    contact us.
    Tribute To The Troops website: www.tributetothetroops.org


    Our mission is to ensure that it's possible for veterans and military families to live their lives to the fullest in every community. We work to break down barriers, engage organizations and communities, and connect veterans and military families with what they need for meaningful employment, education and overall wellness. Our grassroots outreach – through 74 local affiliates in communities nationwide– provide unmatched, accessible, and indispensable resources and support for veterans and military families.

    Our work in action  

  • Advocacy & Education
  • Employment Programs and Job Training
  • Military and veterans Caregiver Services
  • Veteran Community Services & Support
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • www.eastersealsdixoncenter.org.


    Provide effective wellness programs that enhance the lives of Servicemembers, Veterans, and their Families.


    Establish FREE yoga classes in communities across the United States that deliver trauma conscious yoga therapy, and other educational programs to Servicemembers, Veterans, and their Families utilizing trained Volunteer Yoga Teachers.



    The Lone Survivor Foundation restores, empowers, and renews hope for wounded service members and their families through health, wellness, and therapeutic support.

    THE NEED  

    Overseas deployments and combat action can take a serious toll on everyone involved - from the men and women on the front lines, to the friends and families who wait patiently for their loved ones to return home. America’s Armed Forces are asked to perform at exceptionally high standards in the most demanding circumstances, and that service demands incredible sacrifice, dedication, and in some cases debilitating personal transformation. Transitioning to post-military life, whether wounded in combat or simply adjusting to the civilian sector, can often cause difficulty for the service member and his or her family. The unfortunate reality for many military families is that life changes after the service member returns home and the effects of their experiences begin to manifest in negative ways. In short, the normalcy of life prior to their service may have been lost forever.


    Lone Survivor Foundation is here to help America's wounded service members and their families adjust to the effects of their experiences and help them transition into what may be looked at as their 'new normal' – providing an understanding and acceptance of who they are as a person, a family, and a community. LSF provides support to service members/veterans and families from all military branches who are challenged with injuries such as:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS)
  • Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Military Sexual Trauma (MST)
  • www.lonesurvivorfoundation.org

    To provide free, world class, short-duration, high-impact retreats for combat veterans and their families

    Boulder Crest is committed to improving the physical, emotional, spiritual, and economic wellbeing of our nation's military, veterans, first responders, and their family members. Our programs ensure they have the opportunity to live lives of passion, purpose, and service at home.

    Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness is the nation's first privately-funded rural wellness center dedicated exclusively to combat veterans and their families. We are committed to improving the physical, emotional, spiritual and economic wellbeing of this remarkable community of our heroes, and accomplish our mission through our two, free signature programs: Family R&R Stays (2-6 night stays in one of our beautiful cabins, and the ability to participate in a host of recreational activities designed to facilitate rest, reconnection and recharging) and our PATHH (Progressive and Alternative Therapies for Healing Heroes) programs, focused on combat-related stress and PTSD.


    Our PATHH programs last 3, 5 and 7 days in duration, and feature 18 months of ongoing support, through personal and group coaching, as well as a technology platform (My PATHH). Designed and delivered by a combination of trained combat veterans and civilian coaches, these programs enable combat veterans and their families to make peace with their past, begin living in the present, and start planning for the future - a life of passion, purpose and service - here at home.

    Our PATHH programs represent the nation's first ever non-clinical, non-pharmacological programs based on Post-Traumatic Growth, a proven approach that transforms times of deep struggle into strength. We run PATHH programs for combat veterans (male and female, done separately), couples, families, caregivers and Gold Star families.


    To learn more or inquire about attending,
    visit bouldercrestretreat.org/pathh today.

    The mission of Hidden Wounds, a non-profit organization, is to provide peace of mind and comfort for military personnel suffering from combat stress injuries such as PTSD, TBI, and other psychological post war challenges until such time as the Veteran’s Administration or the Veterans Affairs agencies are prepared to deliver long-term services to our clients through government programs. Hidden Wounds also seeks to save lives through fundraising efforts that allow Hidden Wounds to provide counseling and act as a liaison between counselors, veterans, and families, and to provide publicity to dispel fear, lower the stigma, and grant the will to overcome emotional and psychological challenges to our military heroes

    Brief History of the Organization  
    Hidden Wounds was formed in response to a tragedy involving its founder, Anna Bigham. Anna’s brother, Lance Corporal Mills Palmer Bigham, served four years of active duty for the United States Marine Corps. Lcpl Bigham served two tours of duty in Iraq with Weapons Company, 1 st Battalion, 2 nd Regiment. He was released on October 18, 2008, with an honorable discharge and new rank, Combat Veteran. Immediately, Anna recognized her brother was not the same young man she once knew. Lcpl Bigham sought treatment for war trauma, depression, and anger through numerous trips to the local VA hospital. He was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), however he was not given the treatment he deserved. Anna made countless phone calls to check on his status for receiving those services, but each time there was very little to no response. Anna supported her brother, battled for the right of his treatment, and cared for him during the long and horrific nights. It was too little, and too late. Mills took his own life waiting for those services on October 19, 2009.

    Shortly thereafter, Anna decided that she could not let her brother’s death be the way out for any more of our heroes. It is her dedication and passion to prevent her tragic story from happening to others

    Our Mission is to Assist, Empower and Motivate Wounded service members as they adjust to civilian life. Along with our Wounded Veteran Ambassadors throughout the country, we share the stories of these amazing Unstoppable Heroes to demonstrate that through unbelievable hardships, the spirit of these Heroes cannot be broken. Unstoppable Heroes, Inc., networks throughout the community and raises awareness by connecting these Heroes to public speaking venues so they can share their incredible stories with others. We also look for other opportunities for these heroes, in both professional and personal aspects of their lives. We build awareness and garner support for organizations that provide opportunities for these Unstoppable Heroes who have sacrificed so much for our great nation.


    Raise awareness and initiate meaningful dialog about shared hearing loss experiences among veterans, their families and friends — the Heroes With Hearing Loss program is a platform of engagement, providing insightful solutions and successful lifestyle-focused results.

    About Hearing Loss in the Military  

    Hearing loss is the number one service-related injury affecting veterans. In 2011 alone, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs documented hearing loss related treatment for 1.5 million service men and women.

    Often overshadowed by the other challenges our service men and women face, hearing loss is nevertheless intertwined both physically and emotionally — as a trigger, a constant reminder or an everyday frustration. It is a very unique and personal challenge for many veterans.

    Fortunately there are solutions available right now to help manage the impact of hearing loss. Our goal moving forward is to connect veterans, their families and friends with viable answers. We firmly believe that hearing loss conversations lead to hearing loss understanding — and ultimately hearing loss solutions.

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