"Add a caption if needed for athletes for media room, if needed."


As stated in the opening paragraph, “Elephant Grass is a serious story presented in an entertaining and humorous way”. It also says “meant to be funny, but above all to show a humanistic perspective of Post-traumatic Stress.” Occasionally the question arises, “What do you think is funny about Post-traumatic Stress?” “What is funny about what so many have to deal with?”

From the beginning I knew I had to derive a way to tell this story that would interest the general public. After all, everyone has their problems and most don’t want to sit through two hours of someone else’s misery. If it were just a serious movie about Post-traumatic Stress it would be too dark; it would become a documentary that very few would see. Thus, humor.

By adding humor it allowed for the story to be told in an interesting way. With a subject like this when someone is sitting in a theater for two hours you want to touch all their emotions. You want them to be entertained, to laugh, to cry and you want them to be shaken. If this is accomplished then we have delivered the message.

I will close on one important point. This film is not an anti-war or pro-war film, does not criticize the military or the government nor has any underlying messages. This story is about those men and women suffering with Post-traumatic Stress and their families who suffer through it with them.



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