Churchill used these famous words 16 August 1940 during the Battle of Britain referring to the ongoing efforts of the Royal Air Force pilots who at the time were fighting the pivotal air battle with the German Luftwaffe with Britain expecting a German invasion. Those words would form the basis of his speech to the House of Commons on 20 August, 1940 as he prepared them for the expected German invasion. In it, Churchill tried to inspire his countrymen by pointing out that although the last several months had been a series of monumental defeats for the Allies, their situation was now much better. Churchill's argument was in fact correct; shortly thereafter the British won the battle – the first significant defeat for the hitherto unstoppable German military. This speech was a great inspiration to the embattled United Kingdom during what was probably the most dangerous phase (for Britain) of the entire war. Excerpts from Wikipedia


TO: Corporations, Businesses, Individuals, Veterans and Service Members, an opportunity to be involved
To understand why we need your involvement you must first understand the filmmaking process of Elephant Grass.

Elephant Grass is classified as what is termed an independent film or “indie” film. The following are the basic elements of an indie film:
  • An independent film means it is made outside the conventional
       studio system, be that Hollywood, New York or wherever a studio
       production company me be based
  • It means the filmmaker has complete control and is free to say what
       he or she wants. In our case, dealing with such a sensitive subject and
       owing so much to so many who contributed to and helped us with this
       story, we could not risk giving up control to a studio
  • Many of the themes explored in independent movies would not be
       considered appealing by studios. Whereas controversial subject
       matter is part of the indie culture
  • A finished independent movie may be entered into several prestigious
       competitions and film festivals. We will be entering competitions and
       the premier film festivals to create the initial exposure forElephant
    . Success in these venues typically leads to a national or
       international distributor which leads to actually being seen in
       thousands of theaters.
  • As is typical to independent film we have to raise the production
       funds ourselves, thus this page---GET INVOLVED
  • In addition, Elephant Grass is a “full-length feature film” not a documentary. Although there are many good documentaries made every year most are only seen by a smaller audience. To maximize our ability to get the word out about Post-traumatic Stress this film had to be made as a “feature film”.

    Raising the Production Funds

    Corporations and Businesses
    --Advertising and Marketing opportunities through Brand Integration and Product Placement--There are many scenes where a company’s product or name can be tactfully inserted into the film. Depending on a company’s level of participation, it can be one brief view of a product or up to a scene specifically written for a product. That product or company may even be seen a few times in the film.

    For more information companies can contact us directly at:

    If an individual or organization would like to participate by being a sponsor they can contact us directly at:

    Veterans and Service Members
    For those who may want to support this film they could do so by purchasing items through our Gear Store.

    It is important to note that raising funds for independent film is an arduous task and there is no guarantee we will be successful. Although we would appreciate any contribution we fully understand that many veterans and service members have limited means. Therefore, we prefer that those veterans and service members who would like to support us, please do so through the purchase of gear.

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